Fall Clean up equipment ideas?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Erielandscaper, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Does anyone use any special equipment other then tarps, trash cans and back pack blowers, oh and of coarse rakes? I was watching a youtube video on a cyclone leaf vac system... It looks like it does really well, was thinking of mounting on of the front of my walkbehind mower... I see the engine part lifts right off and has wheels under the motor looks as if u could also carry it around to beds and suck out all the trapped leaves in hard to get areas and blow it out in the yard or if u wanted just use the whole system and drive around the property and just use the hose with the whole mower/collection system,, i saw one of these used about 3 times, he only wants 500 bucks, has the commerical grade hose, and the dual wheels for added weight capacity. I was just thinking it could be a pretty universal tool u could also mount just the suction hose on the tralier and use it as a loader too with out having to fill the hopper then dump it on the trailer, u could also off load with the system too if u point the shoot out near your dump pile and just suck the leaves out of the truck and trailer, given you dont have a dump truck or dump trailer... Anyone used and special equipment? i would like to get more done with less work, seems like everyone around me is still doing it the old fashion way. The youtube video showed a guy doing 5mph blowing through 4-5 inches of leaves and it was picking everything up and not even working the motors, it also showed that it never cloggs, even with wet leaves. The motor is only a 6hp tho, i was thinking if it isnt enough power id go get like a 18horse. and just use it as a tailgate loader. but the video showed some impressive pick up so i dont know maybe 6hp is enough

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