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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Just Cut, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. Just Cut

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    I was wondering if anyone has a fall clean up flier that they send out with their invoice in October, I would like to get some interest in this add on service from my existing customers. Could you e-mail a copy to me, Thanks in advance :) Rkennedy649@aol.com
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    This is in word pad file type, so you need word pad to open it.

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    Just Cut--

    We at turfmarketing.com, a lawnsite.com sponsor, have a selection of fall clean-up flyers available in Microsoft Publisher 2002. Or for those that would prefer to write and layout their own material, we also offer fall clean-up graphics. And with our generous quanity discounts, our material is very affordable.

    Check us out at turfmarketing.com or if you have questions about our material, visit our manufacturer forum on the main lawnsite.com page.

    Thank you
  4. Ground Master

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    All you have to do is list the services you want to advertise with a way for the customer to "mark" or "check off" the services they want. This can be done in a letter format. I used microsoft word. Most of your customers will mark the services they want and mail the letter back with your check. You may be surprised at what your customers want. I've had awesome results with this method.......fall almost becomes like another "spring rush". My letter includes 10 different services.

    1. sprinkler and/or landscape projects
    2. fall clean-up
    3. gutter cleaning
    4. shrub trimming and/or removal
    5. core aeration
    6. fall fertilizing
    7. deep root watering of trees and shrubs
    8. sprinkler system winterization
    9. snow removal
    10. holiday lighting

    I also give a brief explanation or description of each service even thou most are self explantory
  5. lawn

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    Could you please post your letter thanks

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