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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by The Grassman, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. The Grassman

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    I was wondering about fall cleanups. How do you do it do you charge your clients extra for picking up the leave's in the fall. The leafs are falling and you still have to cut or maybe you dont, but i am sure you spend more time picking up leaves then you do just cutting the place.

    A) So do you charge extra for it ?

    B) Inlcude it in your contract price ?
    Knowing it will take you an extra hour just to pick up the leafs and knowing that you will have to come 4 time's to pick up the leafs.

    C) Do not put it in your contract and charge however long it takes you to do the job to the client as well as disposal fee's as well as how long it takes you to unload at the disposal site.

    I can see not getting a contract because the client thinks your over billing. I would imagine you list this in your contract as well as edgeing flower bed's, Tree Pits, Pruneing shrubs, Fertilizer and weed control.

    The way i want to bid is to add all this into the contract but also note that this is beeing done for them and thats what the price reflects. Most places in the summer usualy go dormant because not all of them have sprinkler systems so you save on time there and might not need to do a full cut for 3 sometimes 4 weeks.

    The last one is how do you estimate for disposal i dont know how much the stuff weights but i know a ton is $60 at the local dump, i have never had that many leaves in my truck not even from my own house and i have 2 huge maple's in the back yard. I dont usuly go to the dump for this stuff i have compost place down the road where allot of guys go to and its cheaper then the dump. The only time i go to the dump is when its comeing from my house because 1000Kilo's is free at the dump.

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    this is how I have always done contracts, or agreements as I call them. Customers don't like the word contract, so I say agreement.

    The only set price in the agreement is for the mowing. All additional services that they choose and agree to are based on a per hour bases. There is nothing set in stone on the exact price of the additional services such as fall clean ups. We do everything, AS NEEDED. Some customers like this and some don't. And if some complain about the price a little bit, we just cut back on the amount of the service that we are offering them.

    In a nutshell that is how we handle extras.
  3. the scaper

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    i'm pretty much the same way, i price for the mow edge blow and all else is charged in addition ,depending on the situation or mabey just the mood i happen to be in. :) if they complain-:waving:
  4. Team Gopher

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  5. OP
    The Grassman

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    Thanks guys for your comments.

    I wasnt talking residential..

    I was talking commercial where i would only do it if i have a contract otherwise it aint worth for me to invest in a bigger mower.

    So its a commercial contract.

    I would imagine if i was the owner of a property i would want the landscpae co to do it all. I should have to ask them to do things it should just be done make the place look good.

    To make the place look good you have to do complete property care which means Tree pits, Flower beds, Leafs etc etc..

    I was going to add all that into the contract price judgeing on how long it will take me to do that. I wouldnt be weeding and edgeing every week maybe every 2nd week , as far as shrub pruneing that would maybe need to be done 4 times throught the season.

    Am i on the right track here ?

  6. DanTheGrassman

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    Hey fellow Grassman

    I'm in Etobicoke, and here is how I do my pricing.

    All my clients pay the same amount each month from April to Novemeber.

    My monthly rate is the same weather I am doing cleanups, grass cutting or pruning on the weekly visit. 1 Price for the customer is the best policy as they can expect the same bill and not worry about one month being $50 and the next $500.

    Now I have customers that only want grass cutting and no extras like cleanups, pruning, etc. I bill them from the Apr 15 to Oct 15.

  7. OP
    The Grassman

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    Hey Dan. Im from Mississauga.

    Well i wouldnt go as far as saying i would charge the same to each person.

    I have the residential part kinda licked. I am wondering about commercial. The commercail part i will include all my services i just dont know about leaf removal.

    I see guys with lots of equipment like vacums and the big walk behind blowers and i dont know how they do it. Thet have lots more work then i do so i assume since they do they can afford all that, but i see them comeing once a week to clean up leafs so they must have a 4 season contract summer contract rolls over to the winter one.
  8. DanTheGrassman

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    sorry let me make this clear. I don't charge the same amount for each client, I simply mean I use the same billing method for each client residential or commerical. The only difference is the residential grass starts and ends from April to November and I have a seperate rate for the winter season. The Commerical side for the most part is a continous 12 month billing cycle. In the summer I give one total contract price for april to november and split the payments monthly, in the winter I give them one price and split the payments monthly .

    So Commerical client Joe pays $1200/mo. from apr-nov....and $900/mo. from dec-mar as an example.

    So Residential client Jim pays $150/mo. from apr to Nov....and $200 in 2 installments for the winter season.

    *** and yes leaf cleanup is included...but dump fees are not! Usually I can leave the leafs on the properties at the commericals but if you have to remove it does become an extra charge. I work it that I bill the actual dump fee x 10% plus $40 per load up to the dump.


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