Fall clean-up pics, CT

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    couple more pics, i demoed the bigger version of the hurricane and wasn't too impressed to be honest, it only blows maybe 1/3 stronger and was twice as unstable on hills as the smaller version. I personally dont think its worth 4-5k more then the smaller version, if i do decide to buy another blower i will likely buy another smaller one.
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    @JP - Ahh. You're the dude with the Ford dump.

    @GOLD - You might as well get 2 more of the smaller ones instead of spending twice as much on 1 big one that's twice the price.

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    yea i was thinking if the big one was drastically better i would sell the smaller one and buy a big one, but its not, so ill likely just buy a second smaller one.
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    Yea, if that big hurricane was $7k or so, it'd be more worth it to buy. But since you found that the big one is only 1/3 more powerful than the small one, it really is hard to justify the price.

    When I used that big one, I could only compare it with using the BR600...didn't have a wb blower to compare it to that weekend.
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    If its good then ya that's us. If its bad then I have no clue what your talking about. Lol.
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    So after running both blowers, your opinion is that the smaller one is a better machine?
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    That is sure a buttload of leaves! I don't think there is that much in all of my lawns combined!
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    Drive system on the smaller machine seems much more applicable for a forward/backward machine. The separate pump/motor zero turn design sacrifices traction and creates more opportunity for problems. The same drive system should have been utilized on both machines for sure. Seems to me that Lesco made a 16hp blower that had a similar drive system but you would steer it manually from a stand on velke - looked like a great unit
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    Wow. You guys do really big leave clean up jobs. Do you guys charge by the hour on those jobs, or by the job?
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    You're a moron if you charge by the hour.

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