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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by CleanCutsLC, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. CleanCutsLC

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    Hey guys,

    This is my first year in lawn care as a business. I am operating part time and spring and summer are going well. I have a few questions about fall clean up pricing.

    If you had a 1/4 acre middle class home/yard to clean up leaves, with very few obastacles, that was in your route/area, with one season of leaves on the ground, and the yard is surrounded by oak trees, what is a rough estimate on pricing? I know it's still wide open, just give me somewhere to start. Thanks, guys.
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  2. hudsonhawk

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    Leaves are tough to estimate without seeing them or actually cleaning them up. I charge $75 per hour to clean them up and dispose of them. If someone thinks that is too much, explain that it is VERY labor intensive. Takes a lot of gas and at the end of the day you still have to get rid of the leaves. Sounds like this would take a homeowner a week to complete with a rake and bags. Always charge higher for leaves or you can really screw yourself.
  3. southerntide

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    Around here we just mulch them same price as yard cut
  4. Ditta&Sons

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    question for Wolfe04, is that price for solo work? or is there 2-3 other people doing it with you/
  5. hudsonhawk

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    Wish I could just mulch them. Often there are so many leaves if you just mulched them they would smother the grass. We usually pick them up 2 or 3 times or just wait until they are all down.
  6. southerntide

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    Do it multiple times during the fall season should be no issue never had one, that way the grass doesn't smother and you are actually feeding it with decaying composted leaves in the soil.
  7. hudsonhawk

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    Usually 1 other person with me. If there is some crazy steep hill we have to drag them up or if there are a million shrubs, yard ornaments or other leaf traps in the yard I charge a little more. Big leaf jobs suck so get paid for it!
  8. mwalz

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    I hate doing leaves, but it will get me a few extra bucks in the fall. I don't advertise i can do them, if someone asks i say i can. Or i will offer it to them if it looks their yard could use it.
  9. caseysmowing

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    $250-$350 ballpark. I charge $75 and up per hour solo. But to charge that you have to have the right equipment . Don't try to do large leaf jobs with just a backpack, tarp, rake, and truck. You will be there all day! You need bp blowers, wb blowers, leaf loader, leaf plow, dump truck or trailer, and the normal rakes and tarps. Try to set clients on at least 2 services in the fall or you will be doing leaves though christmas.
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  10. TPendagast

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    dude, you dot have oak trees growing so dense they can blot out the sun in alabama.

    You haven't experienced 100 year old northern trees, so you cut weigh in with "mulch them"

    If he did that he'd 1) stall his mower and 2) have a pile of saw dust so deep the grass would never see the light of day.

    Not to mention already 1 season of old leaves on the lawn?

    to price this you first have to know HOW you are going to do it.

    Do you have a leaf loader and a dump truck?
    A leaf plow for your ZTR?

    Do you Plan on raking and putting it all in trash bags?

    There is no way to give an any price, this is like asking X+Y=Z┬ůsomeone give me the Value of Y please?

    so my answer is $50. See if that works out for you?

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