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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Tomslawncare1, Nov 20, 2000.

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    I thought about charging by the hour but I don't.When I look at a new job I price it high so that if I get it, I know I'll make a good profit..For my regular customers, I've been charging 3x price of mowing the yard.I don't remove the leaves, I just mulch them up..I have mulching kits on the 3 mowers that I haul..If the leaves are thick, I run over them with the Gravely 260z first and then with my Honda or Gravely walk behind..My average clean-up takes about 1-2 hrs and my average price is between $100-$150.So far we've done about 70 cleanups and I have about 35 more left to do..Happy Thanksgiving...Clean-Cut
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    For you guys getting 3-5x a cut for leaves:

    How often do you go to cleanup ?


    If you are blowing the lawn off first, does the price include cutting or do you skip weeks in the fall?

    I have been getting 1-2x a cut to blow the yard clear (that's how everybody does it around here) and then charge for the cut if it needs it.

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    Here is the problem with charging hourly...

    Did a property recently that is 3/4 acre with many pine trees, oak trees, and maples. Once I blew out the beds and around trees I had a pretty good pile of leaves on the lawn. I took the exmark wb with mulch kit and ran over them quickly one time and chopped them up. The jumped on the Lazar HP with ultravac and quickly sucked the chopped leaves up. When I finished I had only 6 bags of leaves at the street. Would have been close to 30 bags if not mulched first. Took me 1.5 hours by myself.

    If charge by the hour ($50) I would have only made $75. That's with putting $10,000 worth of equipment on the property. With lesser equipment then it might take longer to do, so I could make more, right?lol. But why should I get less money for the job just because I have better equipment to do it faster? This property would easily be worth $150 to do, but at an hourly rate you would get screwed!
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    65 Hoss, Point well taken. I agree that there is a little common sense needed when pricing jobs. I will usually have a minumum charge if the lawn is small enough to do in under an hours time. I try to put into the formula how long the customer may think it will take them to do the job themselves. Then I explain how hard we'll work to make it look nice. It usually works. I love those lawns that take under an hour that you can get 95-125 $ or so. I consider hourly when the job is just so big and there could be some much *%@&#$$%* under the leaves that I would go with an hourly rate vs. flat rate. Then the customer determines how long they want me there and how picky the want me to be.
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    Homer I don't know if you need to come here or if I have to go down there. Where I'm from (New Jersey) you can make some pretty good money doing leaves. All the leave work I do is left curbside for city pick up. The only bad thing is some towns take longer than others to pick up leaves. But maybe I need to head south year round work is good if the moneys right.
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