Fall clean up Rigs

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by MICHPLOWER, Aug 27, 2010.


    MICHPLOWER LawnSite Member
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    Lets see some of us small guys rigs for Fall Clean Up, The guys that just use a Leaf Blower, Rake, Mower Tarp and their landscape trail. no big leave vacs or big trucks.

    I will post mine up soon as I take a couple pics of my stuff
  2. Hawg City Lawns

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    i think we all know what a rake and tarp look like

    MICHPLOWER LawnSite Member
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    I was say lets see the small Guys set up!
  4. M&S_Lawncare

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    MICHPLOWER: Again there is a search feature to use and find pictures of members spring/fall clean-up rigs look like.

    We all know you are "NEW" and want to learn as much as possible but come on use the search button.

    If you cannot find it let me know I am close to GR and can show you where is is on this forum.

    I want to and am sure all members here want to thank you for using the search feature in the future.
  5. Mark Oomkes

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    Seems that this is becoming a rather standard answer here and at PS for this young fella.

    Just seems strange that someone would ask this many basic questions so soon after joining but still have the appearance that he\she has been in the industry for so long.

    It's almost like someone is trying to trip someone up or catch someone.

    Strange times indeed.

    MICHPLOWER LawnSite Member
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    I havent been in the business at all!!
    I did a couple fall cleanups last year and snowblow some customers nothing 2 big. I am in the residential construction field, its just not doing that good in michigan right now and i am looking to make money any way i can. I have to pay bills too just like every one else.

    all I have in equipment wise is a john deere L130 riding mower w-bagger,
    John deere back pack blower, Used commercial trimmer i got at a auction, and hand tools, a 18ft trailer and a F350 97 Power stroke deisel 4x4 crewcab.
  7. LawnCareNoobie

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    Darn, I was going to show a picture of my Cyclone Rake.

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