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    I am rather new to the industry and have a quick question, I got this call today from a potential client, for a property14,000 sq ft for fall clean-up, I never had to bid something this big of a job. I was wondering if anybody could help out on pricing, Hourly or full price any help or input would help.

    Thanks in advance
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    Since you've never done one before, I'd charge an hourly rate, with a max that the customer will pay (so they don't feel like your gonna milk the clock) and next time, you'll know better what you need to charge for a fixed rate. If you don't make as much as you'd like, chalk it up to experience.
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    It's still early enough to start mulching the leaves over several visits such as 2-3 visits in October, 3-4 visits in November. Charge 25-50% more than what you would charge to cut it, include blowing the leaves out of the beds, patio, shrubs and mulching them.

    If the customer thinks of mulched leaves as plastic litter that doesn't decompose (dumb) and wants his yard to look like crap till late November waiting for the last leaves to fall for a general leaf clean-up charge by the hour. Include your time driving to and unloading at the dump plus dump fees if he wants the leaves removed. Do not, no matter what, charge by the job. Leaves can be very hard to judge their volume, especially when they have settled from sitting for 2 months. You could end up making minimum wage by underestimating. If you have to hire help tak on their time on the job as well as windshield time. If he balks at a hourly charge- walk.

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    Thanks Guys for the help and input

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