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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by magicmike, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. magicmike

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    Hey fall is here and leaves are starting to fall, I just want to know if anyone charges a flat starting fee say $135 plus charge for each bag say $5 per bag so if there is 10 bags for a house the price would be 185.

    Please let me know what your rates are if you use this method, and your thoughts on how it works out for you and if you don't use it why not?
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  2. TML

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    Base fee seems ok for a small property. Must be a regional thing I don't know of a single LCO that bags leaves into individual bags. Lucky most of mine I can blow back or dispose of on site. I haul away the rest of debris if I can't lose it on site. Blow or tarp it into a pile and barrel it into the back of my truck. Most of my clean ups run $200-400. But I'm by myself and don't have any large properties that require a box truck.
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  3. recycledsole

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    Leaves are hard to price without being there at the exact time. I don't see how there can be a set fee for any landscaping thing, even lawn mowing since every place is different. Depends if its one time thing or every week or what.
  4. chris brauch

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    What we do at the beginning of fall season is continue to "mow" less grass and more leaves. As the weeks progress, more customers want a leaf removal rather than just cutting them. At this point, we explain to them our hourly rate of 75.00 and with the labor rate we do what the customer wants (mulch,bag,rake,blow on tarp etc) and then add the disposal fee and log our time.
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