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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MowforMoney, Oct 24, 2004.

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    First year doing fall clean up. So hear is my question. I know everyone will probably have a diffrent answer but that is what I want. Would it be faster for me to mow the yard once, then put on my accelerator and bag up the leaves, of course I would blow out all beds and stuff. Or would it be better to blow the leaves in a big pile tarp it and then haul it off. Keep in mind I have a 6x12 trailor and I put 4' sides all the way around but do not have a way to get the leaves in their other then with a tarp, that is the reason for only 4' high walls, which I will just cover with a tarp and then dump. I also have no dumping charges for where I am dumping. Any oppinons or any other suggestions would be greatly apprieciated. Keep in mind I really don't want to buy any other equipment. I am just starting out and my first year has gone by so good that I want to continue on into the fall. I do however have two sthil back pack blowers. For next year I really want to buy a walkbehind blower, and rig my trailor so I can use some sort of leaf loader.
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    sounds like you have a plan....if you cannot or will not be able to get any other equipment this sounds like your best way....I have tons of other reasons to get different equipment....LOL

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