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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by joee0914, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. joee0914

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    Who here does leaf clean-ups for customers before every cut? I currently just blow the beds and walks of leaves onto grassy areas than cut them into the grass. Looks really shitty and just wanna hear what you guys do with your customers?

    I was thinking about adding either a weekly or bi-weekly clean-up option? Any opinions?
  2. ralph02813

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    mow in a circle blowing toward the center of the yard, last couple of rows pick up the mulched leaves.
  3. A+Grounds

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    do at decent clean up, get most of the leaves out of the bed, whenever the grass needs it. then blow the leaves in the woods or suck them up
  4. GoPokes

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    I did 3 today, all neighbors. There was a TON of leaves at each property. Like ralph said, I usually will mow in a circle and rake em, but there was too many today. I charged each customer for my extra time and we blew 90% of all leaves into the woods before we mowed. Then just mowed normally. It worked great.
  5. Zak's Pro. Lawn Care

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    I send out a 'fall clean up' letter to all of my regular customers near the end of September stating that I will take care of leaves, sticks, and other debris from their lawn and landscape when I come to mow until the leaves have finished falling or snow starts. I include in this letter the seperate price for fall clean up. Each week in the fall I get to customer's lawns and blow out the beds and if there are alot of leaves I blow them onto a tarp and drag to the street and mulch remaining leaves with the mower into the lawn.
  6. weeze

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    it depends on the yard...i did one where i just went forwards and backwards blowing all the leaves into the woods while cutting and others i blow the leaves out of the beds into the yard and then cut them up while i cut the grass.
  7. Five Points

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    what is the response from your customer's, Does anyone tell you not to come.or that they don't want the extra service. Do you go weekly in oct and or nov. Just curious. Thanks Rob
  8. HRidgeLandscapes

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    We do a full clean up every 7-10 days on our properties. We blow all the leaves out of the beds and off the lawn and then suck the leaves up and then bag the lawn. If we mulched the leaves up on our customers lawns they would tell us not to come back.
  9. Zak's Pro. Lawn Care

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    @ Rob...I always have a couple customers say that they will do the leaf clean up themselves and I can come mow when needed through the fall, this is usually just one or two customers. This year I had a couple new ones who just bought their home in the spring and they said they would do the clean up themselves...the first little bit of leaves that fell I was getting calls from them saying they understand my price and would like me to go ahead with the clean up...it was too much work for them. The clean ups through the fall are done typically on a bi weekly basis or as needed...many of my yards are very close to one another so I can see if there are alot of leaves down or not.
    There are very little leaves left on the yard when I mulch them back into the grass so it isn't even noticeable.

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