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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by nobagger, Sep 8, 2006.

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    How many charge per man hour vs. one set price? I have already been getting calls for fall clean ups but I tell every one its impossible to give an exact quote especially this time of year. But I tell them how much per man hour it is and they do the ol' "Oh my God" thats too much money. I know, I know, tell them then you do it, or tell them its just time consuming etc. But I'm tired of doing these dreaded clean ups for peanuts. Every one always says its great money and all but I'm sure basically 60% of ALL customer's are the same. We have been in business for awhile now and we have a great customer base but even with that a lot of them just say "thats too much" How do the "bigger guys" secure these "great paying" jobs?
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    :p Don't Tell Them Your Hourly Rate! Set A Min Price Of 150 Or Whatever Tell Them You Will Have To Wait For Clean Up Time And Charge Accordingly If Over 400.00 You Should Call ! On Bigger Jobs I Like To Bid High With A Set Number Of Hours I'M Willing To Spend At The Job Site With Dump Fee's To! Big,big Job's Only By The Hour You Should Have A Contract! Don't Tell Them A Set Price Because Then You're Locked In To that Price! And the Guy Next Door Is Going To Say You Did Them For Xxx
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    Yep 98% of my FCU's are contracted in the spring with all the year ly services. Even if that is all I do for them the contract is signed before we start working in the spring. I do pick up a couple every fall. I charge by the bag, by the tarp, by the trailer, Set price, and by the hour. As I'm mowing we charge xtra for the leaves so I've figured how much more time it takes to bag leaves and figured it out per bag. Same thing if we have to tarp too many before mowing I kept watch how long it took above normal cutting and was able to figure real close to a cost per our normal tarp they carry with them. Most of my set prices are customers that we have worked with & past records tell me how long for normal clean up ea. year. all large propertys are Per hour.
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    30 bucks per man per hour. 3 of us can move some leaves, 2 backpacks and a little wonder,(man, can't wait to start pulling that thing around!). No complaints from my customers, I can do in 2 hours what would take them 2 days, and they realize that. I've got a contract with another guy who does all my curbside pickup, since my city did away with leaf collection.
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    This approch seems to be pretty effective at least for me. I tell them the hourly rate and that includes dumping fee's. Then I just say with 3 or 4 of us we are very efficient and what would take you (the customer) hours and hours will only take us x amount of time. I think then they can see why we are a valuable service. But every year I hear guys talking about how you should be making $1500.00 on a property daily and I sit there and wonder how they can make that when we had trouble getting half that much for the same sized property.

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