Fall Clean-ups in the wind?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by outrunjason, Jan 1, 2003.

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    Probably the biggest factor for me when scheduling fall cleans is the direction and strength of the wind. Example-If it's windy and from the south, I look for an account with an area I can blow the the leaves to the north and into a clearing or woods. Sometimes its just not worth the hassle. It's hard explaining to the wife why I'm staying home that day since she doesn't have a clue how frustrating the wind can be.

    Vacuum system on a mower helps a lot in windy situations.
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    Vaccum brings up another question. I could start a thread on it but I'll just ask it.

    I have a proline 22040 I have 2 of them. One seems to vaccum a lot more than than the other on the same rpm level. I just know this by one way. The bag flys up on one more and you can barley push the bag down. However on the other mower it just barley opens up and you can just push down on the bag and it might leave like a crease there.

    When I say open up I am meaning how much air is getting in the bag causing it to rise. I have checked the opening on the mower but no luck.

    Any Suggestions?

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    Blow with thw wind not against it!

    BTW: what is a PITA?
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    PITA = Pain In The Arse
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    I worked in the wind blow out beds, once over with Gators, then

    pick up with Walker or vac. The one cut reduces volume about 1/2

    stilll enough to vac. ED

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