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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Stihl036pro, Sep 10, 2003.

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    Whats up guys, I was wondering if anyone priced fall clean ups by the square footage of the yard. When I do work for my customers I try to get 35 per hour per man. Thats pretty much the going rate in my area. All though, I can I make more money charging by the job and not by the hour when I do fall clean ups. When I charge by the job I make way over 35 bucks an hour but on my bigger accounts 35 an hour seems to cheap for the amount of time I spend on the property. (Example 8 hour day with two men is $560.00 for labor) I can make double that in one day if I have small lawns that are priced by the job. What my question is What are some of the different methods of pricing out a fall clean up. What method has worked the best for you guys out there. Should I charge extra for sucking up the leaves and dumping them? We have a town leaf dump that I can dump for free. Thanks for the help. This is great web site!!!!
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    I started out using the Nillson labor time data book to break down all elements of the jobs when giving an estimate. Trimming shrubs at 5 min to trim each and clean it up, 20 min to prune and clean up a 10 - 20 ft tree, if you are going to bag the leaves in the yard with a mower, charge 2 -3 times to mowing price because of dumping the bagger etc...I visited the property and counted the shrubs and trees and measured the lawn and shrub beds Check the Plcaa website. Lots of good info there. These books helped me out a lot.
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    5 minutes to trim and clean up a shrub???? Ha! I wish! Closer to 10, for me. Trim, pull all large stuf off, trim again, blow, then dust off the top again. Then, the clippings are all picked up and tarped.
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    I do the same with trimming. What do you usually charge? For a small bush I charge $7, medium $10, large (depending on size,and estimating time) up to $20. To this point I haven't had to charge that much, but forsee it in the near future. I usually charge a dump fee of $40/truck load which is standard around here. Some are even charging as much as $60 for the same amount.
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    I don't have a set price per bush because of all the different things that need to be done. As far as leaf clean-ups go.... if you want to keep doing it by the hour, then I say do it by the hour. Just figure out a price that you can say at the end of the day, I did alright for myself.
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    We charge $126.00/ hour, with $126.00 minimum:cool:
  7. OP

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    Epic Lawn care, How many man crew do you have with you when you charge 126.00 per hour. You dont tell the customer you charge by the hour right? That what I need to get if I want to make any money at it fall clean ups. I am insured and carry workers comp for my guys. I have all the epquipment to do the job the right way the first time. Thanks for your help

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