Fall clean ups

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  1. Adam12

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    when i worked for a company we could cut every week and blow, the final clean up would be around start of nov. and would be all the flower beds blown out and cleaned andgutters also cleaned.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    i mow untill the grass stops growing then wait for the leaves to fall. most lawns i do 2 cleanups. one when a majority of the leaves have fallen and the second when everything has fallen and the second one i go over the lawn for the last time before winter too. there are others where i just do one big cleanup at the end of the year
  3. BobbieB

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    I like how you came over and bashed my thread that is asking a similar question. You claim this is your first year in the biz. But on my thread you act like your a million dollar account business, posting roflmao!!!, and childish comments. Just thought I'd point that out to you..

    But on the flip side the first week of October is when most people around me stop having their lawns cut. Depends on your rainfall as well. Michigan had alot of rain this year, but growth stopped early I guess.
  4. Darryl G

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    Bobbie - I think you misunderstood his initial post on your thread. He was trying to help and actually offered you good advice. I just read it again and don't see where he was bashing you...lighten up and stop getting so defensive dude! If you wanna pick fights there are other forums, we try to keep things civil and respectful here...did you read the terms of use by any chance?
  5. H & M Yard Improvements

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    Yeah I was offering advise but...... You know.....
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  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Your last cut of the season should be right near when the grass has started going winter dormant and growth is all but ceased or is very slow. Here that is Halloween-ish. I try to do bagging the last cut of the season, and leaf fall after that and it is the customer's choice to call me to clean up any more leaves. I am completely done by mid Nov and by then, its starting to get mighty cold.
  7. Darryl G

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    I'm treating the cuts I'm doing now as if they'll be the final cut. It's already getting tricky to run my mowers with temps going down to freezing nightly...gotta kinda tip-toe with the mowers to avoid ripping things up and we've already had our first snow. I try not to give my customers choices, I just show up and do what I think is right and bill them for it.
  8. ralph02813

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    @darryl, I think we operate the same only I tend to fold most of my clean up into a regular cut - Irene helped doiing that this year!.
  9. Darryl G

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    Actually Ralph I do the same. I'm on my "blow to woods" accounts now and it's taking me about an hour to pre-blow the lawns of the bulk of their leaves and then another hour to mow/trim/final blow them on the bigger ones....2 acre lots in the woods, not that the lawns are 2 acres. I'm on about a 16 day rotation right now with my lawn visits.
  10. ralph02813

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    Darryl, I have customers in 3 different geographic areas I divided them up some I will do next week which haven't been done in 2 the rest are about the same as you. Well off to wooded edge. Almost time to start working on winter yard expansion projects for a couple of my bigger customers.

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