Fall Cleanup For Accounts You Already Have

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KDLAWN, Sep 14, 2004.


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    I have a question on pricing for fall cleanup on accounts you guys already have.. do you price fall cleanup on the regular grass cutting rate or do you guys tell your customers that once the leaves start falling the price will increase a certain amount??

    thanks for the input payup
  2. Remsen1

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    Once it gets to the point where the leave must be picked up I start charging. At this time of year for example, most lawns have a few leaves in them, I just chop them up and charge the regular price. I'm preparing to send notice that the time is soon approaching where the leaves will have to be picked up prior to mowing. I give each customer an estimate for cleaning up the leaves. If they opt out, they will have to clean up the leaves prior to mowing. If the leaves are excessive, I won't mow and they will be charged for the mowing (cause as soon as I chop them up they'll ask me to pick them up :realmad: ). If they agree to leaf cleanup, I cleanup the leaves for the agreed price and mow at the regular price. My philosophy is to give the customer an idea of what to expect prior to performing any extra service.
  3. Frank2

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    I give my customers two options:

    1)They don't want the leaves picked up/blown off every week......then they get mowed right over.

    2)They want the leaves picked up/blown off every week......I charge 1.5 times the normal weekly maintenence amount. (Works in most cases......some properties w/ a bunch of huge oaks and leaves all over have to be priced accordingly.

    Fall cleanups are separate from the above....they are billed hourly w/ a disposal fee for no onsite dumping.

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    ok.. thanks for the advice.. what about the lawns that I use my WALKER GHS mower on.. seeing that when I mow is will automaticly pick the leaves up.. but this means I have to emty more often.. how and when do I charge for leaves in the lawn..??

    thanks for any input on this one..
  5. bobbygedd

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    this is what i do: they pay for weekly grass cutting through october. i give a flat rate for leaf cleanup , for the season. let's say the price for leaf cleanup is $300. there will be leaves on the lawn in october, they are paying a weekly mowing fee through october. we then blow out beds, clean leaves like once every 10 days through november. whatch your butt on this though, if we have an early drop of leaves, and the bulk of them come down in october, sometimes they try to say they don't need you in november, cus you picked up the leaves already(for the price of a grasscut). make it very clear, it's called mowing, and priced as mowing, till end of october. after that, it's called leaf cleanup, and priced as such, through november. IF, they tell me they don't want leaf cleanup, the mowing stops when the first leaf hits the lawn.
  6. tiedeman

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    I don't start charging for leaves until I start to bag or blow them. I still cut the lawn with the leaves on it, no problem to me. Once I have to start to bag the leaves I charge them for the leaves and the mowing all at the same time.
  7. fga

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    I keep my same mowing price until the second week of december. I then on the last bill add a leaf cleanup fee for the season, ON TOP OF THE LAWN COSTS. I charge for the EXTRA time. for example, if the house costs 100 for the month, and i feel like the leaves should costs $150 (from the day we have to pick them up til final bill), then the final bill would be $250. but the mowing charge is a must, i tell them i have to run the mowers to suck them up regardless of lawn growth. if they don't want the leaves picked up, and they are bad, then they are done for the season.

    what i like about my system. is the final bills are always a nice chunk of dough, lasts well into my winters.
  8. MOW ED

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    I have done the same thing for the last 7 years and that last round of checks makes for nice Christmas presents.
    I don't do many cleans but the ones that I do are very worth it.
  9. bushtrimmer

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    We know how long the yard takes us to mow in the summer (the quickest cuts). We just charge by the hour to do what's needed to leave the lawn looking nice, blow, p/u curbside, mow twice or thrice, whatever.
    Never been seriously questioned about it or non payed on it, I think it's the fairest way to handle it.
  10. Lux Lawn

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    When the leaves fall here we bill them hourly and add it up and just tack it on to the grass cutting invoice at the end of the month.We are lucky to work to Thanksgiving here.

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