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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kandklandscape, Jan 10, 2008.

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    We do around 100 cleanups for fall. Now we have tons of trees around our area. There are 2 houses that I am rather irritated with about how long it took employees to do this year. These 2 homes take about 2-3 hours if just a regular 3 days leaf pickup. If it is a week worth of leaves then 3-4 hours.

    The last pickup we did at these homes, they waited 1.5 weeks to go back. It took them (2) employees 8 hours for the one, and 12 for the other, charging the folks by the hour, I felt bad and gave them a discount.

    Do you think by chance that the employees are just trying to get more hours seeing winter is coming? They used 2 gas blowers vacuums and tarps, rakes. The size of the properties are

    1.) 150x110
    2.) 175x100

    Approx footage.

    Do you think something sounds fishy here or what? The land is TOTALLY flat. Also there was about 4-6 inch of leaves laying there. I always go back and check the guys out to make sure they are working, and everytime i go there working. So this is surely not a case of them standing around.
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    That's a question that's hard to answer from the perspective of the internet.

    Yeah, they could be goofing off, and have a decent 'warning system' in place for when you're coming back to the job site.
    But I think honestly you'd know if you had 'THOSE' type of employees.
    It's up to you to address those issues...firmly yet constructively, or find some new people.

    Another better possibility is that you and they have two different things in mind in terms of what level of expectation is needed for specific jobs.
    i.e...Some employers train their people to say, pluck leaves out from under cotoneaster and barberry by the handfuls; others say to "blow the bejesus out of the beds and if some of them don't budge, leave 'em".

    Either way, If you haven't done this already I think you owe it to yourself and your employees to do a complete leaf job some time, shoulder to shoulder, until it's done. Or have a foreman who you know follows your lead do it if you're physically unable, but you be there too to observe and coach.

    Make no mention of "this is how long it's supposed to take" because that can build resentment in some, especially if you say it while you're still on the job.

    I've found it's much better to simply SHOW them "the pace" that's expected of them, and the "(relative) level of perfection" that the specific customer expects.

    If you find yourself 'hovering' over job sites, it could be a result of either poor employees or poor management on your part, or both.
    You probably already know the answer.
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    what did it cost?? I like the idea but the bag is really small.......
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    superior where are you located at? are you the superior by homer city?
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    yah i had that happen it took 2 of my guys 4 hours instead of a hour

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