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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SpeaderJockey, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. SpeaderJockey

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    I'm just starting up, but I do have access to alot of customers through my current job. Myself and a friend have 2 Echo backpack blowers, a decent size trailer, and a couple new mowers.

    I need to get an idea on how to price. I have a lawn that is about 10,000sqft
    and one that's about 4,000sqft. Also, is blowing leaves on a tarp probably the best way to go in my position, or are there any good tips I can get.

  2. Littleriver1

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    Knowing the size of the lot helps, but is not the pricing guide. How many trees,what kind of trees, neighbors trees ? After you do a few and under price and work your butt off, you'll get it right. Try to figure out how long it will take one person to do the job, then charge Hrly rate times the number of people working. That would be man hours times your hourly rate.
  3. benabarlow

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    I did read on here that what ever you would charge to mow it raise it 2/3 of the price. (example if it where $30 = $50) That seems be reasonable. It is possible to get more. Pine tree are more money. again how many tree are on that yard and how many hrs would it take you to rake that yard by yourself. Then buy all the toys to make it that much more efficient and faster to gain more profit by doing it in less time. Hope i helped.
  4. Green Care

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    75 a hour is what I get here!

    I have a real good system.
  5. qualitylandscaping

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    I don't know where you came up with that number. That would be really cheap..

    My fall cleanup rates are about 6-8 times the mowing price if they only want it done once after all of the leaves have fallen.


    3-4 times the mowing price if they want me to do it every other week (usually about 4 visits) until all of the leaves have fallen.

    So you have a $30 lawn. Fall cleanup for 1 visit at the end would be $180-240 depending on how many leaves there are..

    For the same $30 lawn to be done every other week it would be $90-120 per visit (total around 4x those numbers) depening on how many leaves there are.

    I have a very expensive setup so I can get alot more for my time. But to do a $30 mowing for a $50 cleanup you are cheating yourself out of alot of cash

    good luck
  6. benabarlow

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    thanks steve! I 've been trying to find a ceiling on price here in vermont. the leaves are just about down too. I started pricing at you have but found that if i go anywhere form 4 to 6 times the cost i get more bites. so yes overall i believe you are very correct at how the price should be. also you have to take into account the area of wealth you live in. where are you from? thanks again.
  7. qualitylandscaping

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    I'm from Scottsville, NY just south of Rochester. It is a wealthy area, but there are alot of job cuts going on right now and too many LCO's willing to work for pennies, so competition is tough.
  8. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    Quality......he may have seen the 2/3 more figure in a post I made. I have some regular customers that prefer that I do weekly clean ups on their leaves. These lawns take 20-25 minutes with a regular service including trimming, clean up. In the fall trimming is much less here and I double cut to shred the leaves. That ends up making the stop 25-30 minutes.

    So, for me an extra $20 for 5-10 minutes of work is completely reasonable. $100.00 per hour... Final clean-ups when all the leaves are down then are charged at my normal hourly rate.

    I have also found that I can usually do every 2 week clean-ups in the same amount of time. I charge double and that is an even better deal for me....$120.00 per hour....with half the drive time, and fuel expenses.

  9. Smithers

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    Hi guys,

    I just started out this past March (04) and I have a few regular customers that have asked me if i will do fall cleanups on their yards. I said Yes and went out and bought a UltraVac for my 44" Lazer HP.

    However, i am having hard time finding other customers that will justify my $1500 purchase. I placed an ad in the paper, but not even one person called. How did you find your customers? Is it mostly word of mouth or when you do one's yard, his/her neighbor comes over and asks you to do his?

    Please let me know, this is my first year doing this (grass cutting and fall cleanups), so i am not sure how to get the customers i need.

  10. chefdrp

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    PETRENTZ-- you could try and do door to door. How many lawn accounts do you have? Dont they have leaves? Why arent you doing them.? Nice purchase.

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