Fall Cleanup Questions??

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ryan41, Oct 11, 2012.


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    unfortunately, thats all i have is my pickup. i wish i had a brimar dump trailer, but even then i would need a 2500 to pull it without killin my truck! i think if i get them every week, it shouldnt be too bad.
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    Good for a homeowner that has nothing to do all day on a Saturday or Sunday. If you're trying to make money, no way!
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    Agreed with tossing leaves in the dump of a truck but a regular open trailer say 7x12 foot you'd be surprised how much leaves you can fit in if you build the walls and front up level with the tailgate when it's up......layer about 7 tarps, tarp on bottom leaves, tarp, leaves, tarp, leaves.....for easy and fast off loads at the dump. We used this method until we got a hydraulic dump trailer.
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    I built a 4 foot tall leaf box on the front of my open trailer my first year, when all I had was my 48 inch walk behind. I used the tarp layer method too.

    grant&oconnorleaves 001.jpg

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