Fall cleanup Setups - trying to plan ahead

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by RonWin, Jul 26, 2012.

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    I know we are a ways off from the fall clean ups but i was wondering what you guys ran for equipment/how many guys. I actually started up my career venture last fall in this type of work by buying a husqvarna back pack blower, rake(s), tarps, gas cans, gloves, hedge trimmer, bags. I did not get many people at all but was satisfied with what i got. I pretty much got clients who allowed me to blow the leaves/debris far back into their woods//to the curb for the city to suck up// bag and leave for the city to take. This year i wanted to come up with a better less labor intensive plan than laying a tarp and dragging it many many yards into the woods. I was looking into the walk behind blowers by billy goat and also have a great interest in their tow behind debris loader. Specifically the DL with dump insert for my f250 8' bed. I dont remember how much $ the DL /w dump insert was but my local dealer said the towbehind DL was about $5,300 before taxes. I guess what i am trying to ask you guys is this : Is it worth getting a DL and should i save $ by building up the walls of my truck bed instead of shelling out for a dump insert?
    Also am puzzeled as to where i would be able to dump the debris. I live in Albany, NY and have no idea of the landscape game for dumping organic debris. Do i have to find someone who takes it? are there places out there that want grass/leaf oragnic matter? Or do i have to pay and if so how much is that gonna run me?
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    Well I can't really comment on the DL as I don't own one or have priced one, but as for waste places... You have to locate a place that will take them, usually places that like to make compost. They usually charge anywhere between 35-100 dollars per ton. Hopefully this help. Maybe google "debris dumps near Albany". Hope this helps and best of luck.
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    I am a solo operator but during fall clean ups I have 1 or 2 friends help me out depending what job I am doing that day. My set up is as follows.
    2- Echo 755T Backpack blowers
    1- Little Wonder 11hp Push Blower
    1- Billy Goat DL Debris Loader
    1- Scag Turf Tiger 61" w/ bagging system
    1- F250 with dump insert boxed in with 6ft high walls.

    Most jobs I begin with blowing all the beds or areas the mowers can't reach out. Beginning of the fall season when leaf coverage is minimal I will just drive around and suck the leaves up with my mower. At the peak of the season when lawns are completely covered I will normally blow the front yard to a central location/curb where I can get the truck in and suck up the leaves.
    My local town dump takes all leaves from residents and turns them into compost. I also have a local farm that sells compost so they take unlimited leaves as well.
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    How do you charge for the leaf cleanup.
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    Make sure you get a few Echo 770's
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    the search feature would have worked wonders for this simple question, but where i am in ct, i have 3 places i dump leaves for free as much as i want, but i use two back pack blowers, 61" scag cheetah with a 3 bag collection system, leaf plow, 13 hp little wonder ground blower and 16hp giant vac debris loader. if you can find a more effiecient way to do clean ups let me know, because i can't see one except adding another 61" or a 72" turf tiger with a vac system but thats almost 18k so i'll just stick to my system.
  7. FoghornLeghorn

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    just put a mulch plate and sharp blades on your mower, then mulch the leaves into the ground.

    Your clients don't really care HOW you get their yard clean, as long as it looks clean. Besides, in leaf season, it'll be covered in leaves a day after you cleanup anyway...

    Forget the logistical headache of bagging, hauling, dumping leaves. That's for suckas!
  8. RSK Property Maintenance

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    lol in the northeast leaves get too thick to just mulch, they have to be removed. and until the leaves are all done dropping yes the yards do get covered in leaves a few days after they're cleaned up. but after every leaf is down, the lawn looks mint until april unless we get some crazy storms and trees fall which seems to be very popular around here.

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    i would actually like to know how you guys charge. I guess i would try to guestimate the amount of time it would take but being new is very difficult to find the correct amount of time it would take and so quoting is tough. how do u guys charge? What do you do with cleanups for people waiting until it all falls down and for those that want it done in intervals?

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