Fall cleanup Setups - trying to plan ahead

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by RonWin, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Landrus2

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    How would .35 cents a pound work for you :waving:
  2. lazor-cut

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    Charge for time it will take you + Profit+ Overhead cost(Gas, Leaf disposal, etc.)

    I have No idea what the going rate is in your area so i cant tell you say what it should/ could be.

    Nor would me telling you i get $XXX a clean up.. None of which would help you.

    For people who wait til EVERY leaf has fallen just makes it easier for you...Give them an estimate when the time comes...Now you dont have to guess on how many leaves will be on the ground. (Takes the guess work out of the job)

    Intervals...you just gotta know what YOU want out of the job... Then divide it by how ever many times you're going to go there.

    BROWNS LAWN CARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have no idea how that sounds. i've never done this professionally before. this will be my first year...

    is that the going rate in your area?
  4. Picture Perfect Landscape

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    First picture is what I did two years ago.

    Last 3 picture was last years setup. Which work great for almost everything.
    NPR flatbed with a 12' x 6' x 8' box (holds 20+ yards)
    Bed mounted billygoat loader which doesn't have to be removed for unloading.
    Custom built heavy duty 5' x 5' pallet inside of box with 12' chain.
    52" Turf Tracer
    36 Toro
    13hp Billy goat push blower
    3 redmax backpacks.

    Occasionally we will have to use tarps but this setup has proven to be very fast and takes no additional time when we dump unless they are busy as we use a front loader to pull out the load. I will be doing something very similar this year as well.

    Dumps are great if you have the money though... With this setup $1500-2000 is very doable in a day.





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    I ran my leaf loader that you plug into the tow hitch last season, with a f150 and a box, It was tough on the suspension for that type of truck, but i had good results this way. If you dont want to spend a lot and just see how you do this season, you can get a nice used unit on craigslist etc, good luck!

    Picture Perfect: Nice setup and work!!!
  6. CTmower

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    To give you a rough idea on pricing here are my minimums.
    Complete fall cleanup + removal of leaves off property- $125 (This is usually for a job that will take myself less then 1 hour)
    Curbside leaf removal-$75
    Blowing leaves back into the woods- $100
    Remember these are my absolute minimums for the smallest jobs I have. My cleanups range from $125-$900!
    You'd be surprised how much gas you use in just one cleanup. Driving to the property uses gas, backpack blowers, mowers, leaf vacuum, and lastly driving to the dump to dispose of the leaves all use a lot of gas!!
  7. SDLandscapes VT

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    we do all fall work on a man hour basis--We do both regular intervals and a few one timers--I don't have time to price all the jobs so everyone who calls we explain the situation over the phone--saves on an estimate visit
  8. peeklandscaping

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    don't think that's a fair opinion man. Yes, it's a headache dealing with hauling etc, but not everyone wants leaves mulched into grass, or blown into their woods. Most of my customers would have a fit if I mulched leaves into the grass. Plus what happens when the grass stops growing? You'll be mulching leaves into leaves... blowers, leaf plows, and a decent leaf vacuum are the only way to go...
  9. Luke S.

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    Good thread. I'm really looking to get wayyyyy more efficient with our yard clean ups. I run a pressure washing and window cleaning company, but we also offer fall yard cleanups in gutter season.

    Blowers and tarps is how we get down. Local compost sites take everything free, I think one even takes large branches when we venture into tree trimming needs for customers. As far as pricing goes... It all about what your time is worth.

    I searched fall yard clean ups and ended up here...

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread geared more towards effiency/methods of fall clean ups?

    Greatly appreciate it guys
  10. Luke S.

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    This set up is awesome

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