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Fall Cleanups and their complications


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I always seem to run into the same problem with fall cleanups. Here in Minnesota, the leaves never just fall off all at the same time, (not that they do anywhere else either) and I always get customers who either want me to come way at the end of the season, which obviously can't be done for everyone, simply not enough time b4 snow. or they want to know if I'll come back again after a week or two for no charge. Well this year I bringing everyones price up 25 bucks from last year,and telling them I'm coming once thru the last week in Oct and first week in Nov and doing a full cleanup, then I will come back a week or two later and bag whats on their grass area only.This will all be included in the fall cleanup price.Am I burning myself with this system, or will I have a lot af happy customers for next year?Any imput is much appreciated!


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