Fall Cleanups to Resume Thursday

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by The Cowboy, Dec 27, 2005.

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    I live in Illinois as well. I have started doing some brick jobs scheduled for 06. If it continues to stay mild, I will start doing leaves/clean-ups as well. I check a website for snowmobiling conditions and this is what they have posted for long term conditions.

    "Pack up the boots, helmets, and sleds boys, the winter is over. While we
    enjoyed two weeks of plentiful snowfall througout the state, this winter has
    turned out to be a short one.

    Weather experts say that a late El Nino push will push temperatures above
    freezing for the majority of the remaining season. As can be seen by the
    weekly forecast: temps to remain mild for as long as the forecaster's eye
    can see. I slight warn up is expected by early next week, pushing temps even

    The same may be said for January; it appears there may only be a few day
    where temps stay below freezing through the length of the day. Febuary
    ...that's another story entirely. It looks as though Febuary will not see
    temps below 32 F at all.

    Pack it up boys, season's over."

    I bought three new plows for this winter, but it becomes mild (ie 40 degrees or better, we are going to start working fulltime. If i had an extra month to work that would increase my profits big time. I condsider winter unwanted vacation.
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    Well, today went ok until it started snowing, but that was later. Ground was very muddy on the big place but we got it 2/3 cleaned up. It was by far the worst property ever this year. I have about 2 tons of leaves sitting in the drive for pickup tomorrow. man, they were wet.

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