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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Tek, Sep 7, 2003.

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    Hey sweeties, this is Ms. lawn Tek and I have a question for you guys. We have two commercial accounts that need fall color. I have been told the mums should be marked up 3x materials. If this is true and my customers need about 150 how can I in all honesty charge them $12 for a $4 dollar mum. and keep them happy and still have a commercial account for next year. Does giving a break on quanity and a one drop situation count for anything these days or am I in la la land? I know I'm blonde but some one help me out here please. Thanks so much for your time. Have a blessed week. Tara' T. Stinnett:confused:
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    See if this helps. You're talking about 150 mums @$12/mum installed=$1800 total.

    Try looking at it this way. Price of Mum=$4X150=$600(out of pocket); Delivery $50 (time+fuel+misc. expenses); est. 8 hrs. labor @ $60/hr=$480 (just a figure since I don't know how fast you work). Total is $1130+whatever amount the company needs to make a minimum of $400/day (take into consideration taxes, insurance, workmans comp., etc.).

    That is the only way I would be able to cut your initial price down. Even if the total comes to $1525 it still looks better than $1800, and everyone comes out ahead and happy. You may want to create a little cushion for error and charge $1595.
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    If I was planting 150 I would not x by 3
    Charge by 2 or even 1-1/2. You will still make the money on labor by planting them- If you mark up by 1-1/2 you will profit around $300. Thats pretty good for stopping at a nursery and having them load up some mums- I would charge more if you have some kind of warranty of the season
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    I don't believe you mentioned what size these mums are. Have you checked with at least two wholesale suppliers to see if that is your best price?
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    Also, $60 per man-hour is a bit ridiculous for planting mums. I would be fair, - it's not like there is power equipment being operated, or work done at your facility like a mechanic's garage.
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    Also, can you get a better price than $4 each if you are buying 150 at once??.
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    Just once i'd like a customer to choose brown for their fall color!
  8. Lawn Tek

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    Hey guys, Thanks for your info. I'm looking at 1 gal. mums. Have spoke with 4 different suppliers and $4 is the highest. All of whom are wholesale. I would believe I would get a beter deal also at that amount at once and I do agree that it's lot more mindless work than heavy equipment so 1 1/2 to 2 x chg. is great with me. Besides they may see they want more afterwards. Thanks again. Tara'
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    The only reason I gave that price as opposed to $30/hr is to pull the minimum amt. the company needs to make per day. If she can do the work in half the time, then compensate for it. Once she starts crunching her own numbers she may find that the total may be 2/3 to1/2 of the hypathetical #'s I posted. That's something she needs to do the math on and figure out for herself.
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    Double e do you warranty the plants cause garauntee you the nursery doesn't on mums. Not attacking you Double e but you are part of the problem everyone is talking about that drives down prices. So just swinging by a nursery with your truck and trailer to pick up JUST 150 MUMS is worth a little more than your calculations. 3X the cost of materials is right. You plant 150 of them and you will be happy you went with that price. Figure everything involved to you. If you don't warranty the product you can cut some off there. But I promise that 150 seems like 1050. Once you start the job you will see. Also Lawn Tek don't worry about losing the customer. If you do good work and let them know what is involved, they should understand.

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