Fall fertilization??

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    Hey guys, I am new to the whole fertilizing deal and was wondering how often you fertilize your accounts. We started out this year offering and it seems many clients are interested in this option. Can you fert. in the fall and how many times a year total(like every 3 months/6 months etc.)?

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    Here in ky I fert 1lb per 1000 of nit in the fall every 30 days
    from sept -nov ,, then as needed fall lime if a soil test says it needs it .i do 6 to 10 apps per year . soil test are your best way to find out whats lacking in the lawn.
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    The fertilizing program you use depends on the type of turf your client has.

    For example with Bermuda and Zoysia, you need to apply a fall fertilizer with high potassium and very little nitrogen. In your zone, this would be late Sep or early Oct.

    You also should apply a preemergent in combination with the fall fertilizer treatment to prevent winter weeds.

    Check MSU's website for more detail as they have a wealth of information on turf in your state.

    MSU Fertilization chart

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