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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1mowlawn, Aug 15, 2002.

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    What kind of lawn care do you guys do during Fall-Winter, I would like to offer to my customers Fall leaf vacumming/removal, Fall fertilization, Fall seeding, and shrub trimming. This would be my first year doing anytype of lawncare during the fall, normally I don't do alot of lawn work during the Fall, Any suggestions on charging for leaf removal, I'm currently looking for a vacumming and bagging system for my Gravley Z. Thanks
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    Not to sound cliche, but we do it all.:)

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    i have a mower that has a collecting system on it---hardly use it since i developed a collecting system on my trailer. after all the trailer is where my leafs are going to be hauled off. i try not to bag. cost of bags & time lost bagging was to costly. i am fortunate to have a site to dump collected leaves. depending on the type customers & lawns you have determines what type of collection system you need. charge two to three times what you charge for mowing the lawn, again that is determined by amount of time to clean lawns. the more work that is involved--you'll have to charge more. you may have to explain that to some of your residentual customers, because some are on fixed income. explain that on the front end. good luck!!!!
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    the most important thing to learn is proper
    application of things the lawn needs .
    this is a big area of knowhow. but to really be a pro i think u need to learn as much as u can. in short next yr is mostly dependent on what u do in the fall.with exception given for acts of god.
    dont ask me questions as the subject is just to broad to be handled that way .
    get your license and u are ready to start learning. ps im the first to admit i dont know it all. but the infos out there.
    good luck to u.
  5. You could add aeration and detatching to your list of fall services.

    Leaf clean up - that little pile gets a whole lot bigger once you start picking it up.

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