Fall N rates?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by dishboy, Jun 27, 2004.

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    I saw on a few threads that some are recommending applying most of the annual N in the fall. So I was hoping that someone could explain their reasoning behind this. And since this is the ORGANIC forum I asume we are talking win N? If you apply heavy organic's [N] in the fall will it still be available to the plant in the spring when the soil temps come up enough for microbe activity?

    You're thoughts on this would be appreciated.


    A side note, cracked corn works very well, but at 15lbs per K or better for this area.
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    I'd be REAL careful on feeding soil in the fall....it might get full and start to ROT.....I like IBDU in the fall
  3. It's not when you apply it, but when it's available!!1
  4. trying 2b organic

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    You can apply synth. fert much later in the season than organic. When I did synth. prgms we did apps till late fall. My last organic fert app is early fall because as soil temps drop microbial activity decreases and therefore the organic fert is less available or un available to the plants.
  5. A number of the sythetic fertilizers ( nitrogen ) release is also dependent on micrbes for release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. dishboy

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    So my question still is what is the benefit of heavy fall N and if the soil temps drop before the organic source of N is depleted will the remainder be available in the spring?
  7. you time the application so fert is available in the fall

    remeinder will be available in the spring

    need to know how your source of n breaks down, and how long it will take!

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