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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Kings of Green LLC, Jul 30, 2012.

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    I would like to send a newsletter in this months invoices pertaining to fall overseeding. Does anyone have one made up or ideas on how to write one? Just wanting customers to know I do the service and would like to start bidding in august . Thanks for the help guys!
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    Its a good time to discuss the amazing new seed blend you will be using. Mention darker green type. Mention disease resistance. Mention insect resistance. Use the information from your seed company. Sympathize with customer about the hot dry summer. Mention your experience and excellent equipment. Mention about how if they do nothing, it will get much worse. And cost more later. And cannot be done in spring due to interference with weed and crabgrass control. Fall, in mid to late August is the ideal time due to fast germination resulting from high soil temperatures. There are few weed problems in fall. There are no crabgrass problems in fall. Cool weather of fall and probable fall rains are helpful. Even if a hurricane gives you heavy rain. Explain that they should act now as there will be high demand all over the country for reseed service this year due to the drought. And the top seed types will be in short supply. And rental seeding equipment will be short supply due to the high demand. Explain your high level of skill and knowledge, and years (or months) of experience.

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