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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by horizonmowing, Sep 3, 2006.

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    Hi everyone. I was wondering what the heck I should charge for leaf removal and general fall clean-ups. I know this has been talked about before but I have seen rates range from $35 p/hr to $115 p/hr. I have a stihl br blower, a 9hp billygoat blower and a 13hp billy goat debris loader. I will always have at least one other person working with me. For many lawns, I can blow into the woods. This seems to be much more profitable due to the fact that there is no trip to the dump which cost me time and money. I know I will charge per man hr and dump fees when there is removal. It cost me $39 per ton for me to dump leaves. I do realize that my market is one of the richest zip codes in the country, so this must effect my pricing. Also, what about if I do gutters. Should I just keep my normal rate (.70-1.00 p/ft) THANK YOU. PLEASE HELP
    Sorry this is so long!

    Also, do you think the equipment I have is good for a two man crew...what about a three? Should I get another push blower?
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    I think there should be a sticky for this type of question.

    Here is my explanation why. Remember, it is just MY opinion.

    What should I charge?

    - Is this your FIRST time ever doing this type of work? If yes, you should be in the just starting forum (glad you did just that).
    If no, then you should have worked for someone prior to asking this question. Either way, you have arrived here with this question. You need to charge whatever you need to make money. Do you want to earn $40, $50, $120 per hour?

    Only you can decide what you should charge for a particular job. An example would be this:

    I drive 20 minutes to the job = $15 for gas
    I have 2 employees (2 hour clean up) = $12 per hour x 4 = $48
    I make $80 per hour myself = $160
    Disposal fee and drive time to dump = $25

    Total fee for 2 hour clean up = $248

    Sure, I might charge a bit more for a two hour clean up cuz in reality, I don't charge this way. However, I like what I have just done so I might just use it.

    BTW - I have one very special customer who lives on 2 acres of land. She allows me to dump ALL of my customers debris in her woods. I in turn charge her a flat fee of $200 per year to clear her area. I will be using the cyclone rake this year so for me, it should stay a'ight.

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