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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by just grass, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. just grass

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    have been cutting for one season, as this fall approaches i dont my extra time to go buy just waiting to cut, i hear most people offer fall clean and tree trimming, is this a good idea for central Florida, i know people in tallahasse that it works really well for . What you think? ANy advice?
  2. rmartin

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    if you are looking for new business that will keep you busy i would offer those other things. This might be a way for you to get new cutting accounts that will keep you busy....
  3. SWD

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    I started a turfgrass maintenance business in Tx about 2 yrs ago. What I found about the people here is probably true for most populations. The people wanted just one person they could call for service, write checks too, vent on etc.
    This has opened up all sorts of seasonal work that otherwise we wouldn't have.
    For instance, tree trimming, annual landscape plantings, holiday lighting, irrigation refits, ranch work (right of way mowings, regrading of roads, drainage repair).
    This list keeps growing, but I wouldn't have had it if I didn't ask the customers what else I could do for them.
    Heck, even if you don't know, find a reliable sub you can use. Become the point man for customers problem solving around their homes/businesses.
    As long as you can find someone to do the work that you are not able, nothing says you can't get a piece of that sub work. Depending upon the nature of the work, 10-15% at minimum is acceptable.
    I talk to the homeowner, speak with the sub, get a price, add my percentage, inspect the work, get paid by the homeowner, pay the sub and keep my piece. Just like general contracting - but in the green industry.
  4. LongIslander

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    I am counting on what SWD said! I started my company this year and began what I thought was going to be strictly a garden -design/build/maintainance firm. This got me doing plantings initially and then as things progressed I had clients asking me to maintain their lawns as well as their gardens, fix stepping stone paths, etc. I will be starting the LCO part of the business next Spring, and am just getting ready to buy the equipment for it now! I really like the fact that these people consider me their 'go-to person' when it pertains to anything outside their home! I havent built up enough momentum this season (due mostly to a major illness in my family) but am confident that next season I will have established a pretty good customer base of people who count on me for numerous things and it will carry me through next Winter!

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