Fall Sodding; looking for tips and suggestions

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by andyslawncare, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. andyslawncare

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    Fall Sod Installation

    Use starter fert or no?---what numbers?

    How frequent to water?

    Use preemergence or post emergence between now and spring?

    What potential problems should I scout for between now and spring?

    I appreciate any comments on installing sod during the Fall.
  2. andyslawncare

    andyslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    70+ views, and no comment! Any comments? Anyone???
  3. dweav44

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    I wouldn't use any fertilizer going into the winter on fresh sod. No real need.
    I also wouldn't be concerned about pre-emergent right now and just treat for post when they apear. Because they will.

    I would start the chemical aps early next year.(pre-emerge and fert.(Milorganite) in late winter to get a head start for spring)

    You won't need to water much at all going into fall and winter.

    Where are you located?
    What sod type?

  4. andyslawncare

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    I'm in Atlanta, and I'm using Bermuda
  5. dweav44

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    You can throw out some fertilizer, but again I don't see the need until late winter.

    With bermuda you shouldn't have any problems through the winter. Look up 'dollar spot' and 'brown patch' as potential problems in the spring and fall. If you keep you lawn properly watered and fertilzed(not too little or too much) you shouldn't come across many problems with bermuda. Check out the different types of bermuda in your area and pick out a good hybrid.

  6. WGrnd21

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    you are not going to want to sod a warm season grass in late fall. Wait untill the spring. Depending on your last frost free date which you should be aware of, the bermuda will be going dormant on that date. Here in Raleigh NC we are already having nights as low as 45. Warm season turf grass will be slowing growth exponentially. Talk to your sod providers and they will recommend what to do. If you were to lay fescue than go for it. Definatly throw a starter and water in the mornings for 2 weeks. On cool days with winds the sod can dry out in the winter. So watering still will be nesscesary. As far as preemergence you shouldn't ever have to use them if u have a well maintained turf. I have never used a preemergence in my life after installing sod. Its to healthy and outcompetes weed seeds. If you do happen to see some weeds just pull by hand saves the client money and keeps unnessary herbicides out of our water systems.

    dwea44, of course there will not be any problems with fungus. What are the environmental factors needed for fungus to thrive?? You should know.
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  7. dweav44

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    If his reputable sod farms are still cutting then why wait? Let those roots tack before winter hits and he will have a head start on spring.

    Well said. Let us know what they say.

    When spring or fall? Way too much water for spring or fall sodding. Wow

    Our lawns here in Memphis stay wet all winter and I've got to believe it is the same in Atlanta.

    No way. MAAAAAYBE on zoysia, but not bermuda. Dormant grass(not thick) + poa annua = need for preemerge. Not to mention the weed seeds normally come up before the spring gets the grasses out of dormancy also.

    No fungus at all? What?
    Dollar Spot - dry soil and moist surface and plant with temps n the 70 - 80degree range
    Brown Patch - wet conditions with excess nitrogen with temp during the day between 75 - 85degrees and nights down to 65degrees.
  8. andyslawncare

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    Guys, I thank you for the comments, but I have stated I am installing Bermuda sod THIS WEEK! I'm not asking when to install, or what species.

    I'll be using a starter fert at a 3/4 rate, roots still need to establish, and the second 2 numbers are needed. I'm also tilling in 40lbs lime per 1,000 sq. ft.

    I will look for dollar spot and brown patch, thank you for a direct answer.

    I still do not have a direct answer for frequency to water.

    I am aware that poa annua is a big problem here. Should I treat it with a liquid/granular pre-emergence now or... Dec? Feb?, or use post emergence later in the season? Or let it grow this year, and handle it next year?

    I have never had such a high demand as I have this year, and some true experienced people would be nice to talk to; When I have a demand, I provide a service. I also know that bermuda will do fine with installation any time of the year if its taken care of properly...this is the new question I guess. "Maintenance schedule for fall sodded Bermuda?"
    If you would like to talk on the phone for a few minutes, You can reach me at 770-256-8009; this install is actually happening tomorrow. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you if I miss you.

    I was really hoping for some better info through members of this forum :(
  9. cpel2004

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    Its official you are a idiot, congrats! Why ask for advice in the first place, Smartone! No one will ever help you in life or on this forum with your pubescent, pompous attitude. Learn some manners! Maybe you should've asked your Daddy first. :nono:
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  10. dweav44

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    Where did you state that?

    There is no 'right' answer. It depends on your environment, soil, exposure...
    If this is for a customer just tell them to monitor it.

    Don't worry about it this year. Some will pop up, but not much.

    This will get you burned. Try to expand your services, but ONLY if you know your stuff. 1 or 2 bad jobs and it won't be good for you.

    You need to calm down. Your are installing sod(bermuda at that). Just make sure you have a smooth grade, lay the stuff, and water heavy right after. That is it. All this other stuff is extra and sometimes overkill. You are obviously young and inexperienced. You need to accept all the help you can get. Sift out the crap and take the good.

    How much per sq ft or yard are you getting?

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