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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Homeworks, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. Homeworks

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    Starting Out

    Do most of you guys offer some type of spring and/or fall clean up.

    And if you do, what does it consist of, and what do you charge???
  2. PAPS

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    Our crews do both services... i consists of cleaning up leaves and fall-yard debris (sticks, acorns etc.) We also can remove leaves from property too with the VAC attachment to the truck.

    We charge $35.00 per man hour. With a (1) hr minimum.
    We charge $16.00 per yard of leaves removed (after vac'd up)
  3. AL Inc

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    Basically the same deal as Bryan. In Spring, I use the JRCO rake on the front of the mower to loosen leaves,etc, clean-up, re-edge all the walks, curbs and driveway, edge and cultivate the beds, and put down fert/pre-emergent. Fall clean-up starts after Halloween and we work until about Christmas. Rates are basically in line with Bryan's.
  4. LawnCrafters

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    We do both spring and fall clean-ups. We push our fall clean-ups as our specialty. We charge about the same per man hour plus a dumping fee, for disposing of the leaves we sucked up.
    You can make as much money in the fall, cleaning up leaves as you can in half the summer cutting.
  5. Lech615

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    AL Inc, when do you usually begin your spring clean-ups. Also, where on the island are you located.

    Thanks, Carl

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