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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Prime Seasons, Jul 27, 2000.

  1. Prime Seasons

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    Please help if you can...<p>In western Michigan, we have lots of oak, beech & maple trees. For most customers, I will mulch once and then use a trailing vac (with ZTR mowers)to pickup. <p>But this fall I have access to both a dump truck to which I will fabricate an expanded metal cage, & 14 hp leaf loader (12&quot; hose). Would like to offer simply a curb side pickup service for leaves and branches. Any estimates as to how much time/ cubic yard or a base hourly price to charge? <p>I plan a crew of 2-- one to drive, the other to load. There will be no dump fees to my business and most customers will be within 20 minute drive from my disposal site.<p>Any helpful comments will be greatly appreciated.<p>gus
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    In Ohio, if you have a curb then you live in the city or an urban area where most local governments offer curbside pick-up for free.<p>But, If you have a dumper and leaf loader you can make a few bucks, you may find homes that are left out of this type of municipal service because of location or whatever.<br>I can't really help you with a price but I think it will take 2 to feed the leaf loader if doing any real volume. If you remove the leaves from the yard and haul them off in your dump truck you can make a small fortune. I've seen pricing all over the place on that one. Then you must have somewhere to take the leaves which is a real pain for such an organic product.<p>Keep in mind that leaves can fill a small dumper quickly even when they are ground up. That means a lot of hauling.
  3. gene gls

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    Fall clean-up is a big money maker for me.In my area there is not much call for just a pickup.Every time I take one I kick myself in the butt because jo-blow home owner rakes up all the crap on the lawn into the leaf pile. Rocks,sticks,cans,bottles,etc,etc are not ment to be sucked through your blower.Its very hard to judge how long it will take to pick up some one eleses leaf pile because of the debree that will be mixed in and also how wet the pile is and if the pile has been sitting for a period of time then it will be matted down and harder to move.Your 14HP loader will move a lot of leaves in a hurry,especially with one man raking the leaves into the intake pipe and the other man moveing the outer edge of the pile closer to the intake pipe.I would say with your set up ,one big fresh pile of dry leaves from a 8,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. property, 15 to 20 min..I run an 8HP unit with a 3/4 ton truck and can do the same in about an hour by myself.If you want to reduce the size of the leaf piceses that have gone through the loader drill and screw some 1&quot; sheet metal screws into the pipe above the blower in the area that recives the most volume.On dry leaves it is amazing how much will fit into a truck. Good Luck<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: gene gls
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    Around here, the guys who offer curbside pickup do so in the city where its not provided by the municipality. They charge $40 for up to an acre, but they also use monster Tarco tow behind diesel vacs which would inhale your mother in law without a fuss, towed behind full size dump trucks with box on the back (an F-350 would need to be emptied too often to make this a cost effective venture around here).<p>Bill
  5. OP
    Prime Seasons

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    Thank you, gentlemen, for your thoughts. Say, lawnguy, I do like my mother in law; maybe I could suck up some of my late payment customers, eh?<p>gus
  6. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Gus,<br>What size lots? Will you do it on a weekly basis? Are there alot of trees on most of the lawns? The key is you don't have to pay for dumping. I would keep it reasonable and charge for man hours and gas like you would for a lawn or anything else you that matter. Do you have to pay for a permit? Its good the you have a dump truck too that will cut down your dump time. Take into account if the leaves are wet it takes almost twice as long. I would go with an hourly rate if I were you it helps cover any condictions you encounter. Good luck!!! Hope that help you. Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)
  7. jaclawn

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    Our Township has instituted curbside leaf vaccuuming this season on a subscription basis. They also have 4-5 pickups per year for leaves in paper bags. The garbage company makes rounds on Sat. picking up the bags with a packer truck.<p>The township with its new vaccuuming service is charging $40 per pickup. The leaves must be in a 4' wide windrow at the edge of the lawn. I am not sure how the service will work out, township wide vaccuuming is out of the question. <p>All lots are at least 1/2 acre, and some are heaivly wooded. $40 sounds a little too low for some of them.<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: jaclawn
  8. garbage man

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    one little tidbit that i have learned, if you are going to use the leaves as mulch, don't mix any Walnut or Hazelnut in with it..<br>these contain a toxin called &quot;Juglone&quot; that can do major damage to certain flowering plants, grasses and vegtables..

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