Fall treatment


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DFW area
I'm in the DFW area and figure I've got a good 5-6 weeks of growing season left for my Bermuda. I already own the products so I'm not really looking for "is there something better debate" but I'm always open to suggestions for next year. I'm pretty well committed and just looking for timing thoughts.

I'm about to give the lawn a final feeding to prepare for winter as well as lay down Prodiamine and a final "cleanup" with a blanket of Negate. The reason for the Negate is POA and a few other nuisances that it addresses very well which I've been slowly eliminating.

My plan is to feed and tomorrow (granular quick release), lay down the Prodiamine (spray) mid to late next week and then do the blanket spray of Negate 10-14 days later.

My theory is to let the grass "soak up" nutrients before anything that may act as a growth inhibitor, then allow enough time to elapse after the Prodiamine to allow any weeds "ready to sprout" time to grow so the Negate can eliminate them with everything else.



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I dont see anything wrong with that strategy.

I gave my final feeding a couple weeks ago and Specticle/Prodiamine are going down in about 2 weeks. I probably will not spray any post blankets unless i see a problem, but I will do another fungicide spray probably this weekend.