Fall weeds (what to use to kill them?)


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For those guys out there with fall weed popping up ,what is the best thing to spot spray them with?can momentuem be used in the cool weather? been told no.what do you guys recommend?.lesco says 3way ester or drive .thanks for the advise !


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What kind of weeds are you going after, and what are your daily high and low temps?

If the weeds are actively growing, most of the 24D, Dicamba, Mecoprop, (Killex, Trikill) type mixes should do the trick. They may not kill the weed this year, but if the plant absorbs the herbicide, it will kill it in the spring when they start to grow again.


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hey lee,
round up has a new product out called weed be gon or something like that. you can spray it on weeds inbedded in grass and it will only kill the weeds and not the grass.

steven Bousquet

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when its cold the best way to kill weeds is super trimec by pbi gordan and ester based controls work better in the cold temps. if it is newly seeded, don't worry about the weeds until may of next year, keep feeding the lawn.
weed controls can really put a hurting on new lawns.

goodluck and good growing

Rodney Anderson

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Fall is the best time to control weeds. It is best to first
identify the weed being controlled. If it is an annual waite until spring and use a pre-emergent herbicide. If
perennials are going be controlled use an ester formulation.
I use all 2,4-D free products all season long. I use Horse
Power(Amine) and Cool Power(Ester). Both products have the same A.I. ingredients MCPA, TRICLOPYR and DICAMBA and are products of Riverdale and are cost effective. I will emit that they are slo but very very effective. Give them a try
you'll be suprised. Oh, I have applied Ester herbicides as late as December and those perennials were not there next spring.