Fall/Winter clean-ups mid Atlantic

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Turfdude, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Turfdude

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    Will we be able to get to these clean-ups before the spring?? I know most LCO's in my area (Camden County) had just started our last rounds after Thanksgiving. I have just under 200 clean-ups left and have had 3 snow events since Sunday. Sunday was a light dusting & most of us didn't bother hooking up the plows or salt spreaders. Tuesday we got around 2" and made out well on snow, but were all hoping for a melt & back to work on Monday. Along came Friday rush hour and another 2-3" of very wet snow w/ about 1/2 hr of rain at the end. That schtuff is now frozen up real solid. Many lots have ice on them as cars drove & parked on tehm prior to clearing due to the time of the snow. I went back & cleaned them up yesterday, but I know the piles will be around a long time on the commercial props.

    Do you think we're done till spring?? AVerage temps should still be around 45 deg F. Snow money is good, but I miss the steady cash & don't want to be hammered in the spring.
  2. rodfather

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    With almost a foot of snow on the ground here, I would say we are pretty much done with leaf cleanups...which is just fine with me. Sorry Bob, but I say bring on the white gold! (at least for me)
  3. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    Hey Bob,

    I am with you I wanted to get things done as well. I have already contacted the customers that we didn't get to and let them know we are going to have to wait until spring. I am not looking forward to the thick heavy leaves and debris in the spring. Where in Camden County are you? I am in Gloucester County.
  4. General Grounds

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    :blob3: hey bob i tried to give you a call back but it would not go through, send me a pm with the #. i hoping to go out as soon as all the snow melts hopfully monday the 19th if not sooner i have like 45 left to do, many guys iin my area have the same if not much more so dont feel bad. what was nice about the snow is it helped collect alot of past due funds becuase people know without the dough the snow stays put. hope all is well, tony
  5. Turfdude

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    We're in Barrington. We never begin final fall clean-ups till after Turkey Day. The last few years have been tricky w/ the weather, but this year, leaves dropped late, we've had warmer than normal temps as you know (a week ago Monday, we were all in t-shirts and some in shorts). What r u gonna do??

    Tony - check ur PM.
  6. Dreams To Designs

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    Bob, then you know there is no good news in the long range forecast. You may get a day or two to try and get out there and do some cleanups. Most of the guys I work with will be putting off any cleanup that they haven't finished till spring. We can just sit back and hope we can get some snow and time to attend trade shows and pursue some education. Rutgers, Cook College has some great short courses that fit into the normal slow period and are well worth the time and money. You can't fight Mother Nature, sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

  7. NNJLandman

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    Yea I think were gonna be done til spring. I was preparing a letter to go out evenutally that explained to customers who didnt get their cleanup due to weather that it would be taken care of once the weather turns around and what not and they would be served in the order that we left of with etc. So I would liked about 2 more weeks of no snow and 45 degree weather with no wind before all this, its always nice to bring in that big load of income before going into the lazy days of winter. I like plowin but its slow n what not.

  8. Turfdude

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    The 56 degrees & rain Thursday night erased almost all of our snow. We finished our winterizer apps on Friday & sent 2 crews for clean-ups today. I will have the full crew back Monday, will probably put leaf vac & box on Tuesday morning (only real cold day in forecast) and be back to a more "normal" December. Most LCO's around here either started today or are starting Monday. I saw 3 other companies out today and know of 2 others who were out & about. Full speed ahead.. try to beat the next batch of snow or cold weather.
  9. Turfdude

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    Put in a full week, taking off Monday but will work rest of next week, plus 2 more if weather permits. Anyone else get off their lazy duffs??

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