Fallen Limbs

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NateinAtl, Jan 25, 2000.

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    Customers are what you make them. If you let them take advantage of you, it's your own fault. <p>You own the business, you call the shots.
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    Points (THATS PLURAL) well taken, I have to agree with a lot of what has been said and I learned from it also. In the future I am going to look &quot;up&quot; more often when giving my estimates and factor in limbs and other falling objects! I do not intend to change my views on my current customers because I still feel like a deals a deal. Since I didn't discuss it prior to shaking the hand that feeds me I will not charge the ol' geezer any extra. It is this very discussion that makes me glad this forum found me. <p>NUFF SAID,<p>HOMER
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    Groundkprs and all,<p>&quot;any storm cleanup over 5 min is charged extra at hourly rate&quot; is that charged as a one hour minimum ([example]For 5 min or 45min worked, do you charge your hourly rate of $40 per hour [example])?<p>Thanks for your response.<p>
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    Since you are generally coming to the site to do regular service, there should be a travel charge built into your regular service. The storm cleanup is therefore billed just for the actual time taken:<p>basic labor rate = $40/hr, $30 minimum (for 30 min or less)<br>Mowing = 30 min =&gt; $30<br>Cleanup = 15 min =&gt; $10<p>You're grossing 1 hr labor in 45 min, but you have extra cost in disposing of storm debris, even if it is just your time. We charge $5/cuyd for any volume over 1 cuyd hauled away from site. Our dumping fee is $3.65/cuyd.<p>Jim
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    Thanks. That makes good sense.
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    We have right in our contract that after storm clean-ups are not included in the contract pricing,so in other words if they have a storm we will clean it up but we charge extra for that.And if they are too cheap to pay us to do that and the branches are still there when we get there to cut the lawn then we will just cut around the branches until they get rid of them!<p>from:Adam<br>AB LAWN CARE

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