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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by 360 Lawn Service, Apr 30, 2012.

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    My website was started last year, and is maintained by Yellowbook. Last year I was 1 or 2 on Google for Terre Haute, IN. This year fell to 6 for lawn care search, and 3 for lawn service search. I have read and studied recent post on website meta's, backlinks, and SEO services. I have ran my page against others on site comparison websites, and I have higher percentages, but still have a lower placement. What can I have Yellowbook do to help my page gain relevance on Google?
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    A few observations...

    Re: Search
    - I'm seeing you as #2 for "Terre Haute, IN lawn care" and page 2 for "lawn service".

    - Google Places listings seem to run top 3, or the only one, depending on search query.

    Re: your actual site
    Not sure what you are using for comparables relating to your competition, but Yellowbook has not built you a very-SEO friendly site at all. It's missing many of the basics.

    - Ineffective use of H1-H6 tags. Each page has 1 H1 and 1 H2 tag, with all of them saying the same thing, offering little value to the search engines.

    H1 Terre Haute, IN Lawn Care Maintenance​
    H2 360° Lawn Service
    - No alt tags on the few images you do have

    - Ineffective copy (especially relating to keywords and search phrases).

    - No XML sitemap

    If you need any clarification, just yell. Also, I'm shooting you a PM re: Yellowbook.

  3. 360 Lawn Service

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    Thanks for the help, I will be in contact after my contract has expired!
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    Keep in mind, that the internet has become very saturated in our niche the past couple of years.

    I predicted it would, but then that's not much of a prediction anyway.

    But once it becomes saturated, typical SEO, tags, blah, blah, blah ... will not accomplish what it did, the same way, as several years ago.

    Once you get so many companies going through the right motions, it begins to become a roll of the dice.

    It does not mean it's not worth trying. But someone could burn a wad of cash and spend countless hours and still not get the result hoped for.

    Which may lead us to other forms of advertising that some companies had abandoned, once more being revisited.

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    There is no address on your site, so you will never show up on G places. Do yourself a favor and pay off your contract and hire someone right away, you will end up with a net gain.
  6. 360 Lawn Service

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    The address is on the contact page. I am sending request to YB to improve my sight from LawnSite recommendations. Then I will start searching for a local seo or someone with knowledge of LCO'S ( tonygreek )
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    I have fallen to # 6 on google when lawn care is searched with location services on phones and computers. I still get the out of town callers searching my specific location and services. But those callers are usually contractors and bi-weeklys that had to relocate
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    Have them add it to every page. Also Google how to build citations, and places page optimization.
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