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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BRJ, Jul 23, 2000.

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    I have a 1974 K-10 w/ 350 engine. Sometimes when i put the pedal to the metal, it acts like it is running out of gas, it isn't overheating or anything. It has a dual tank setup, when i fill up the left tank a week later i have a 1/2 tank in each.
  2. ray1941

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    Check the inline fuel filter under the frame. My 88 2500 had the same symptoms. I didn't know the filter was under there and it was not changed in 38000 mi. Changed it and "Hot Damm " I had a new truck!
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    Alot of differences betweeen 88 and 74, my guess is the accelerator pump in the carb. I have a huge hesitation in my 84 and it was the accelerator pump.
  4. John DiMartino

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    you need to give me more info,does it die as you stomp it?or after it is WOT for a while?if its immediately Dino is right if its after a while id put a new fuel filter in the carb and if that doesnt do it check fuel pressure under load,if thats no good then tear into carb
  5. Chuck Smith

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    Dino and John are correct. First I'd change the fuel filter in the carb. It's only $5, so it can't hurt. That way you know it's new. The accelerator pump could be bad as well. Do the filter first.

    Now, about the fuel tank problem. You fill the left, and a week later the right is half full?
    It sounds like the tank switching valve is bad, or that someone plumbed the fuel return line from the fuel pump only to the right tank.
    Then again, the tank switching valve should also switch the return line from the fuel pump, to the tank you are running on. Change that fuel filter, then crawl under there, and start tracing fuel lines!!

    Oh, and on a 74, there is no frame mounted fuel filter unless a previous owner installed one there.
    Also, if the switching valve is bad, a new one will cost you anywhere from $50 - $100.


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