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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. Any one out there run a all family lco ?our business is myself and my three brothers and sometimes our 77 year old father helps out,he can mow allday and refuses to use a rider .All five of us got our 30 years with general motors .thank god for those ztrs
    because all of us are getting on the old side.We also have the tax end covered my sister in law is a cpa and takes care of all tax matters
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    we ve been behind with leaves so we have had two family member crews out. 2 with backpacks 1 with billygoat 1 with 21 mower or 36 mower and another with tarps/barrels and 48mower. next yr will be much easier with a zturn and my two brothers will be working as well.
  3. GLS

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    Me and my brother run ours. When we get really busy with leaves and all we sometimes pay our dad to do some work part-time.
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    My bother-in-law and I are partners in our business. When we get really busy we get help from my mother (yes mother). It is usually detailed work, but she does help mowing sometimes.
  5. lonestar i see you are from san antonio did you ever know a fellow down there named charles tedford
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    to me the best shot at making a go of a buisiness is the family
    operation. ive seen it fail for variouse reasons. but if they work well togather ,their are definit advantages. i expect i may end up working with one or both my sons and a super smart soninlaw.
    man if i could get that to happen,id be a great gopher an supplier of common sense. they all have degrees,except the
    soninlaw. hes the one id pick to run the show.
  7. LoneStarLawn

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    It doesn't ring a bell.
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    My Father,(40+years)my Uncle (30+years) and myself each run our own maintenance business. We all help each other out with workers, machine, advice ect...

    Just recently and due to illness, I had to take over my dad's operation. He still works, but just can't take the pressure of operating the business.

    I guess you can call us a family operation.

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    I love my family, but we are too diverse. I am the workaholic and my siblings are
  10. Sure it's a family business. I've been mowing at least part time since the mid 1970's. The kids learned to drive on a lawn mower!

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