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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SDNCLAWNCARE, Jan 23, 2007.


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    I'm having a hard time with this. I already work a full-Time job. I know I can make my business expand if I put the work into into it. How do you guys balance family and business?
  2. teamoneoutdoors

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    I try to find ways to include my family in the efforts in growing my business. Went out Saturday to put out flyers and let my children help place the flyers at the home. I think some people enjoy seeing the children involved and give me an opportunity because they see I am a family man.
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    Happy wife , happy life. If u work 100 hrs a week & make it big but you get divorced or your kids don't know you, what did you gain? It is very hard to work full time & really expand. Heck it is hard to just mow as a side deal while working fulltime. Family is first. Maybe you could get them to help you with some of your work, offfice stuff ,etc. I have always thought that is the best way to keep close to your family is to work with them (if you can avoid family problems at work)
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    When I was a kid, I really never got to spend any time w/ my parents because they were always running their business. I made a promise to myself that I would never do that & spend as much time as I can afford to w/ my family. This means that I work lots of hours on a few days. I consolidated all of my accounts so that I can do more things in fewer days leaving more time for them on the other days.
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    Family comes before anything ... period. Keep in mind what the reason is that you are working for in the first place. To me .. running a lawn care company as a side job, or a part time business is only good for a single guy. Do not deprive your wife of her time with you ... and most importantly don't deprive your kids of your time. Don't be too greedy ... it will cost you way more in the long run. Leave the part time LCO's to the single guys. If you want to do this ... do it full time.
  6. CRM Lawncare

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    This is the very reason I left the business. I was about 10 accounts short of being able to make it full-time but I was working 7-5 at FT job and 5-10 every night and all day saturday. It was okay when the little was was a baby but as she got older I would leave for work and she was asleep and come home and she was asleep. It wasn't worth it to miss her grow up or fair forcing the wife to do all the household tasks for the extra money!
  7. Tim Wright

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    This is the very reason I am not working for someone else and gutting it through, building a business system that will allow me to choose what I do with my time once everything is in place.

  8. tjsquickcuts

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    I am sure most of us that have family face this all the time. It can happen, working full time running a LCO, and still having plenty of time with the family. First of all, you have to set yourself work hours.....working 12 to 14 hrs a day is not good for the body, especially with the physical demand it takes running a LCO....When I first got started it was hard balancing my time....but now that I have established myself, I only work 8-5, and no weekends unless it rains or I schedule some work for the weekend.....My first year, my family understood what I was trying to do.....Just like most of you guys, I jumped head first into the Lawn Business, not knowing if I was going to sink or swin.....but I had faith, and with my family support, we made it.....Sometimes you have to just go out on faith.....Now I have two weeks during the season(spring break for the kids, and sept for my anniversary + alot of time during the slow season) that I take off the for my family......I dont think its big problem working all the time when you are first getting established, but once you are there, you need to give you family back all the time you took from them.....Plus the more money I make, the happier my family gets, so most times I think they want me to work more, and stay home
  9. LB1234

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    Family comes first. There is no question about that. I try and get my wife invloved in the business in little ways. She'll help with designing a flyer, she'll help file receipts, she reviews all quotes before they go out, and a bunch of odds and ends things. I find this helps.

    I also have my office in my house. Now this can be a pain at times cause my wife has a hard time understanding when I tell her I'm going to work (downstairs) and I'm not available she'll always call down and ask for this or that. But point is I am home so when the dinner bell rings or whatever I can drop work and sit at the table and eat with my family.

    As for my son, I will take him with me to vendors and to pick up supplies. He loves seeing all the equipment and doesn't mind riding around with me. So I am able to spend time with him for those few hours. AND since I work on a lot of my equipment at my house he 'helps' me with that as well.

    Bottom line, you need to have time with your family and no work but it might not be a bad idea to get them involved in the business so you can see a little more of them.
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    This is something I discuss with my wife frequently...some weeks it is better to work all 7 days in order to have family time in the evenings...some weeks I can work later and get done faster. I've never worked with the "Gee I gotta be at Mr. Johnson's house every Tuesday at 10:15am" mentality. It may work for some but I prefer some more flexibility.

    I left money on the table all season long so I could coach soccer and attend other things with the family. Sometimes it's frustrating but I can make money any day...the family memories you can't make up!!

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