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stanfield nc
i once did some work for bob raifords now ex wife.. hes a local tv and radio personality. i know why he divorced her ,nuff said.

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Western NY
While working for other people:
Installed the landscaping for Michael Pecca with one company & mowed it for another, When he was still the Sabres captian. he lived in a Avg. house for the area. Nice guy actually.

Weekly maintenance & mowing for Mark Hammister who owns the Buffalo Destroyers areana football team. He's a big PITA kinda guy who insisted on a few hundred red white & BLUE geraniums. of cource there is no such thing as a Blue geranium.
He would call & complain if we missed one small weed in his paver drive. I swore he had them numberd.

Abortion Dr. Barnett Slepian's Lawn before he was murderd at his home here in Amherst "safest city in America" by James Kopp who is in the prosess of being extrdited from France.

A couple Local morning show radio DJ's. perfectionists on clanups before having partys for national recording artists.
County Legislator.

(Now) All the work for an advisor to the "International Association Of Professional Arab Accountants". Who goes overseas constantly when he's not teaching, doing accounting for Cannisus Collage, working with major oil companies, or giving lectures to major corparations. (unfortunatly he wont do my accounting as I'm not a billionare).

Thru. a friend I'm working on getting the account for a former Canadian hocky player who was forced into retirement many many years ago by getting his neck slashed open & to many pucks to the head.

robert payer

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Parma, Ohio
Fun thread! No big timers here. Some high profile Cleveland names but no national celeb's. Quite a few current or retired CEO's.CEO's are the toughest. Mostly Doctors and Lawyers though. I treat them all same. Always the best that I can. A great deal is learned from all my customers. I admire the constant tact, co-operation, restraint, inspiration, loyalty and genuine concern that these people radiate. People of wealth or fame have many of the same problems as every one else. I have witnessed terminal illnesses, Tragic deaths, and Alhzheimer's in the most brilliant or compassionate people. No amount of money can stop these events from happening. Sorry if I headed slightly off topic. Wanted to share observations that have helped me in life with treating people as individuals.

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Akron, Ohio
did a one time job for former cleveland cavaliers head coach Lenny wilkens

used to mow for Donald ross-Golf course architect

also used to mow for heather kozar-1999 Playboy playmate of the year.( she up and moved to california-that was depressing)



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Charlotte NC
I was Johnny Cash"s waiter. I worked at a place called Riverview Inn. (Fish camp) They had a room just for him.
He come by everytime he pass through Charlotte.


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I've done aerations, spring n fall cleanups and the occasional mow, on most members of the hart family (Of wrestling fame) Owen was the coolest guy... Brett is another story! Their father was probably THE most interesting guy I've ever met.

Also used to cut/maintain some infamous people... I had 2-3 of the directors of BRE-X in my route (strangely enough they've gone away)



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stanfield nc
grasshog i used to work the all nite reasturant linebaughs ,just a block from the old opry house. waited on most of them . j cash, loretta,porter wagner,
pete drake [talkin steel] ernest tub,
for every one like that there were thousands of wanta bes.
even wrote a song myself one time.
by the way linebaughs has long since closed.in fact it as so long ago p wagner was still chasing jean shephard ,and hadnt met dolly yet.i i could tell some stories ,but it wouldnt do.:)

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