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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stick9, Jul 26, 2000.

  1. CompleteLawn Service

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    Cool thread!!! I always wanted to tell everyone that I mow Reggie Sanders house ( San Fransico Giants ) former Arizona Diamond back but I didnt want to sound like I was bragging. He decided to stay here in Scottsdale Arizona instead of moving to California because he didnt want to give me up!!:D No really he bought a multi million dollar house a few weeks before he ended up playing for the Giants and his wife Wyndee likes the scholl system here better so he just fly's back and forth. Man you should see his Mercedes. I forgot the model but it is a two door sports car "not the kompressor" and he has all tricked out. He say's theirs very few of them. And I might be doing work for Cotton Fitsimons soon! Take it easy! Jeff
  2. scottb

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    I used to mow Ray Everhams race shop in Statesville funny thing was they wouldnt pay there bills so I sent them packing now on ther 4th lawncare company or so I here.
  3. Tyner Lawn Service

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    I got to laugh on the John Deere( who ever that is?) post. I live here in Nebraska but am not a Husker. You see they have no LIFE here so that's all they talk about. It's a joke. There are so many more things in this world than Nebraska football but it's sad and they don't know it. You other guys have some interesting customers. Spent a lot of time in Phoenix and yes they have a lot of celebs.
  4. ohiolawnguy

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    Must have been somebody else. Ross died in 1948, more than 20 years before you were born (according to your profile)

    mr. Donald edward ross Jr. lives in Akron, Ohio-golf course architect, and son of Donald ross Sr.

    also has a winter home somewhere in florida.

    I apologize for not including the Jr. previously.
  5. robert payer

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    Just remembered a funny story. I use to mow for a guy who owned a bunch of Wendy's restaurants. When refering to the account with my help I would call it "Big Daves House" But it was not. I was just having fun with the help. One day The mowing crew was on the job. The home owner came out and gave the forman some instructions. My forman was so mad at me because he had always put extra effort into every detail of job expecting to get a pat on the back from Wendys legendary owner, the now deceased Big Dave. Well this customer never had any complaints.
    Maybe we should all take a literary license and tell the help that this one lives here and that one lives there. Nice work all day long! That simple! No honestly, all our customers get the same treatment and price structure regardless of statis. Best bunch in my opinion.

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  6. David Gretzmier

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    I mowed the guy In Rocky 5 that Rocky trained then beat up. blond, huge guy. hot wife. lots of security, gates, razor wire. he got aids, wife divorced him, no more lawn care. weird. truth Dave g
  7. LawnLad

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    We cut a lawn next door to Mr. Underhill, a member at the same country club as Alan Stanwyk.
  8. P&J Lawncare

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    That would be Tommy Morrison I think
  9. SLS

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    I mow Patsy Cline's lawn...well, not THAT Patsy Cline. :rolleyes:...

    ...but she does live a couple of doors down from Kitty Wells. :D

    I guess that doesn't count..:(

    I guess everyone in Tennessee knows about "Lowtax" Looper...since he murdered Sen. Tommy Burkes. :angry:
  10. ohiolawnguy

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    well, since you say not the Patsy cline, we do mow for John Glenn. Not the senator, and former astronaut, but rather the now retired former head attorney for Roadway trucking. Also helped with the Akron public schools back in the 80's

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