Fanny Mae Foundation??????

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    Has anyone ever worked for this Org. before. I recieved a call last week to mow 21 yards that are vacant. The guy sent me a list and sounds to me that this is the real deal???

    Has anyone done work before for this Org? Do they pay?

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    Here is the deal. Charge a min. of $55 per lot. And I mean even for small ones. We mow around 200 for different banks, but are cutting back big time. Here is why...routes are too spread apart, equipment gets damaged becuase there is always junk in the yards, and THEY PAY REAL SLOW and sometimes don't pay at all. It seems like easy money but please do not get too dependant on these accounts.

    So make sure you charge enough to compensate for late and no payments. Other than that, they are ok
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    Other than all the problems, they are great!

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    They sent me a list of all the yards and a price sheet, so the prices are set? I dunno seems to good to be true but worth a shot????

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    I cut HUD yards for the past 2 1/2 years. I got too dependant on them. The contractor lost the contract, therefore I lost the contract. At one time we were maintaining 33 yards and they paid $37.50 per. We cut them every 10 days and were paid twice a month. They were spread out though........all over the country. Some paid 50.00. The good thing about these lawns is you can cut most of them in 12-15 minutes and your back in the truck........nobody is there to hold ya up!!! We also did clean outs and debris removal. We made pretty decent money in '03.........less in '04 cause that's when the contract was phasing out. I didn't put all of my eggs in this basket but I put enough that it really hurt when I lost it. Be careful not to give up anything you have going now. It might be Fanny May or it might be a contractor covering thier foreclosed properties. Either way something will change in a year or 2 when the contract changes hands and there you'll be.

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    I figured that if I can make some money at this season it be worth it??? I hear ya and I wont get to dependent on it. Thanks for all the info and help, I appreciate it!!


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