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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by CNE, Jan 24, 2004.

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    Anyone used a Farm Pro tractor. I know it's not a heavy duty unit but I'm looking for something I can use for a few years as a light duty unit to do some minor grading with a box blade, maybe put a belly mower for some commercial jobs. They offer front end loader and backhoe attachments for them. They have a 20 Hp two cylinder diesel model with PS and turf tires for like $4,200. They have higher horsepower models as well. I would rather get a Mahindra or something like that but I have limited funds right now and not having a tractor is costing some new construction bids. Any feedback on these would be great.
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    45 yr old tech. on a chinese tractor you figure out how productive they will be. Buy a used ford, deere or bota

  3. lamarbur

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    I have a 41 hp mahindra w/11ft backhoe. This tractor is really solid and can do work like you can't believe.. It also isn't popular like the big 3 are. Farm pro's are all right if you plan on doing all the mechanical work yourself. Parts can be a problem to come by, usually need lot's of time, Plan on bringing a large metric tool compliment with you whenever you work a farm pro.. Someone else suggested finding a used big 3 and I believe that is the way to go.. Look hard enough and you can find a decent older Ford model/Deere model with possibly some impliments thrown in..
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    i have a 25 hp w/ ezee on FEL, kelley 3 pt backhoe, land rake,and scraper blade and i love it. only 100 hours on it though but so far so good. ive already made my money back. ive heard good and bad, but i was willing to take a chance for the money it was well worth it.

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