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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by bridges, May 2, 2002.

  1. bridges

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    What kind of slopes the fas track cuts? I haven't found a ztr to cut good on slopes or stay in a nice line on the solpes.

    Do you have any photos?

    And what is the price on it?

  2. rick_reno

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    Lonnie Hamm - the Territory Sales Mgr for Excel was out at our place yesterday demoing the Fastrak on some of our slopes. I was amazed at where it would go. I tried it on some sloped surfaces and found it tracked great - it's a very stable platform. What's your email address? I could shoot some pictures of the slopes we had it on. I didn't buy it - they brought a Hustler Z and once we tried it we were sold. I liked the Fastrak and while I'm sure it would have done everything I want to do, the bigger Z was more comfortable and the larger deck (60 inches) really makes mowing go fast. I just got done mowing with it today - I finished so fast I started looking around the neighborhood for other mowing that might need doing. These machines are incredible. I think the Fastrak is around $4500, but you'd be better off getting the price from a dealer.
  3. JMcGuire

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    Do you have anything for the fas trac in a stripping kit. And it that 4500 dollar quote on a 20-52
  4. Artman

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    We do not have a striping kit at this time. We have had many compliments on how well the FasTrak and Zs stripe without a kit. As to prices for the FasTrak? They run from $4699.00 to $5499.00 MSRP. The $4500.00 price you were quoted could be about any model.

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