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Fast Food bid??


LawnSite Member
Kansas City, MO
We are bidding about 30 fast-food stores spread out through the metro area. I want to bid the job w/all factors in mind so we don't get in and find out its not worth our time. It will be more driving than mowing, so fuel will be the key...I think.

*What is a legit fuel price per mile?
*What other factors should we consider before commiting to this job?


LawnSite Senior Member
fuel pricing is based on the vehicle that you use, the route you take(highway or city driving) etc. etc. The IRS sets a reimbursement #, but I wouldn't base a bid off that.

Other factors...relation to other accounts you do, TRASH, parking at the site, your equipment match to the job and you get the idea


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Flint, Michigan
And the pain in the rear policies that they want all their restaurants done on the same day or real close. Basically, they have you running all over the county on one day. This is why these places aren't even CLOSE to being worth it. By the time you drive over, drop your trailer, do the place, pack up and get out of there, you've made about enough to go in and get yourself a hamburger.


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Washington DC
Think of the free food.....:)

I actually did several Perkins rest. but they did not recquire that they were all done ont he same day, just all done each week as needed. They would get a visit every week at least for trash pickup, parking lot blowdown, irrigation check, mow ect. if I did not mow I always did something.....So long as you bid for it and spell it out in the bid that you would visit once a week to perform some type of service....