Fast food

Mark Stark

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Rochester, NY
When a quarter # meal was just shy of $6 (not too many years ago) I didn't mind a crappy lunch as it was fast. Now it's pushing $10 when you add in tax.
No exaggeration but one of my guys spends $17 at Wendy's....We have the $5 biggie bag here. You know, normal fat food prices. This dude spends $17!! We do call him Mr. Mayonaise as he always demands extra mayonaise :nod:


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It's the "Gas Station Food" thread all over again!


I rarely eat fast food anymore for the reason the OP mentions. It's too expensive.

I haven't been in a Wendy's in forever. Wendy's and Chick Fil A gotta be the worst.
If I'm paying that kind of money, I want someone bringing the food to me and bringing me another drink before I finish the first one.