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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Joseph Meidling, Jan 30, 2001.

  1. JVS

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    I find White Pines to grow at a very rapid rate - Then agin I feed them 2's a year for clients and prune them every other-

  2. Joseph Meidling

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    Thakks for the info everyone. I have some White Pines in the front of the house, which I had a landscape contractor plant. I may investigate planting some of those in the back as well. I am also thinking about a row of White Pines at the outskirts of my property line, with something smaller in front of that?? I am still looking into ideas and won't actually do antything until this spring the earliest.
  3. paul

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    Have A good landscape contractor do a design for you, He/She should show you pictures of how it would look and incorporate your ideas, plants and over all look. You might even find one here!
  4. jeffyr

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  5. Joseph Meidling

    Joseph Meidling LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info - I contacted a landscape contractor and he recommended White Pines. I have them in the front of the house already so I know what I am getting into.
  6. Man Joe

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    Have used Leyland Cypress and found them to be the fastest growing(not sure if my spelling is correct).They are an evergreen tree that are inexpensive and fill in quickly for privacy.I like the results even better than White Pine; but that is just my preference and ,of course ,others opinions will be different.
  7. BIG D

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    Just to let you guys know when you are posting tree questions it might be an idea to use and get some interest over there. Lawnsite has worked hard to get that going and it hasnt been used to its potential. Not a slam you might have not known about it. Just a reminder.

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