Fast Toro 21" Self Propelled?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, May 17, 2002.

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    Hey guys, finally got the part in for this mower and got it running- one ignition module and a carb swap later. It's a 1982 Toro with a 4hp Tecumseh (Tec's aren't as bad as people act like, if you take care of them). Anyhow, got the mower for $30 a week ago or so, and it's in mint condition cosmetically and pretty good mechanically. I had to put a carb on it from a 5.5hp Tecumseh motor (had it laying around) and it runs good now. Total investment about $55, not bad all things considered. Anyhow, I like the self propel drive, but it moves at a good clip in first gear, 2nd and 3rd are even faster! In 3rd, you practically jog. I can't imagine it not clogging and having power to move this fast and I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to mow faster than 1st or 2nd gear. It's a fast walk for me in 1st and I'm around 6' tall, so you know it's really moving for a shorty. You can just not squeeze the lever as much and it's variable speed (end up doing this ALOT) and I don't even get out of 1st gear... it's too dang fast. I can just ride the clutch but I don't wanna wear out the belt too fast. I am not gonna use it alot, but still, I want it to be right, you know?
    I'm not too sure it was supposed to be like this originally, so can anyone say? I'm wondering if someone changed the pulleys on it?

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    Does the pullcord come right up on that toro like vertical flywheel. If so i have the same machine but i think its an 84. I got mine free with a bag that was never used. Its on its third wheels, second cable setup bbc selfpropelled onoff, 2nd gas tank and its still on the same belt. You really cant wear that belt out i swear. I have it in 3rd all the time no 2nd or 1st left and push sticks so i just leave it in third. It has really slowed but still mows great. It is the best bagging 21 i have and wont die. Over 1000 hrs in a few years plus the use it had before i got it. The blade has a few more sharpenings on it maybe 2 if that and the body is beginning to break down. I can mow ft tall grass and hardly bog but the engine is only 3.5 or 4 hsp. Its using alot of oil now and the exhaust is black. As soon as i chance oil (every 10-20hrs) it is rich black but thats ok. wHEN it dies ill get another 2 toro pros.

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